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Vamos a matar, compañeros (Italy · West Germany · Spain 1970) is one of two revolutionary westerns directed by Sergio Corbucci. It is often just referred to as Compañeros.

Also known as

Companeros (USA) | Zwei Companeros (Germany) | Lasst uns töten, Companeros (Germany) | Seine Rechte stoppt den Bartwuchs (Germany, Super8 dub) | Companheiros (Portugal) | Petturit hirteen, companeros! (Finland) | Los Companeros (Spain) | Companeros (France) | Les compagnons de la gloire (France) | Petturit hirteen Companeros (Finland) | Död åt Companeros (Sweden) | Companeros, ro hit med stadskassan (Sweden) | ガンマン大連合 Gunman Dairengo (Japan) | Companeros - Egy kincskereső Mexikóban (Hungary) | رفقا (Iran)
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Yodlaf the "Swede" arrives at San Bernardino, which is occupied by Mongo Alvarez's band, and meets El Vasco, a young Mexican who thinks he is fighting on the right side for the revolution. In fact the real revolutionaries are the supporters of Prof. Xantos, who is away in America. Yodlaf accepts the task of returning him, and Vasco joins him, although he doesn't share Xantos' theories on non-violence. Yod instead wants quite a different thing: he is only interested in the combination of the safe in which the town's treasure is concealed, and which only Xantos knows. With a gunman on their trail, out for revenge on Yodlaf, they have to work together to survive while travelling back to San Bernandino and learn many things on the way.


  • Cast (Italian): Franco Nero (Yodlaf "The Swede" Peterson), Tomas Milian (Modesto Servando Irureta Goyena, "El Vasco"), Ferdinando Rey (Professor Vitaliano Xantos), Iris Berben (Lola), José Bódalo [as Francisco Bodalo] (General Mongo Alvarez), Eduardo Fajardo [as Edoardo Fajardo] (Colonel), Karin Schubert (Zaire Harris), Gino Pernice [as Luigi Pernice] (casino croupier), Alvaro de Luna (John's henchman), Jesus Fernandez (young Xanista), Claudio Scarchilli, Lorenzo Robledo (Captain Jim), Giovanni Petti, Gerard Tichy (Lieutenant), Giovanni Pulone, Jack Palance (John Svedese)
  • Uncredited actors: Tito Garcia (Pepito Tigero), Simon Arriaga (Mongo henchman), Rafael Albaicin (Mongo henchman), José Canalejas (Mongo henchman), Beni Deus (Rosenblum, American oil baron), Victor Israel (American oil baron), Vicente Roca (American oil baron), José Luis Lizalde (cantina barman), Joaquin Parra (patrol Lieutenant), Manlio Salvatori (Yuma barman), José Marco (Fort Yuma corporal), Antonio Padilla (Mongo bandit)
  • Director: Sergio Corbucci
  • Story: Sergio Corbucci
  • Screenplay: Sergio Corbucci, Massimo De Rita, Fritz Ebert, Dino Maiuri
  • Cinematography: Alejandro Ulloa [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Song: "Vamos a matar Companeros" sung by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
  • Producer: Antonio Morelli



The film was immensely popular in Europe, especially with students. The film's catchy theme song became a hymn at protests and marches.

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 118 min

Release Dates

  • December 18, 1970 (Italy)

Filming locations

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