Convoi de femmes

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Convoi de femmes (France, Italy 1974 / Director: Pierre Chevalier)

Also known as

Convoy der Frauen (Germany) | Convoy de Mujeres (Spain) | Convoy of Women (U.S.A.) | Konvoj Zena (Yugoslavia) | La pornocarovana (Italy)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Gilda Arancio, Alice Arno, Edmond Besnard, Claude Boisson (as Yul Sanders)(Agile Serpent), Gilles Brissac, Michel Charrel (Captain), Jacques Couderc, Anna Gladysek (as Anna Garek)(Aline), Jacques Marbeuf, Claud Plaud (as Olivier Mathot)(Commandant), Tony Morena, Paul Muller (English Colonel), Nadine Pascal (as Lynn Monteil), Marianne Rémont (Nicole), Evelyne Deher (as Evelyne Scott), Gilbert Servien (Maître Couteaux), Joseph Jehoulet (as Pierre Taylou), Jean-Pierre Bouyxou (sailor), Raphaël Marongiu (sailor), Gilbert Schnarbach (sailor)
  • Story: Marius Lesoeur (as A.L. Mariaux), Francesco Mazzei
  • Screenplay: Marius Lesoeur (as A.L. Mariaux), Francesco Mazzei
  • Cinematography: Gerard Brisseau (as Gerard Brissaud) [color]
  • Music: Paul De Senneville, Olivier Toussaint
  • Producer: Daniel Lesouer


On the coast of France, the police are raiding the streets and taverns at night in search of girls to send to the colonists in North America. A ship takes these girls to America, where they are placed in carts leaving for territories where colonists and soldiers are expecting them.


In their 70s erotic films, French low budget production company Eurocine often reused scenes from their earlier non-erotic co-productions. This film includes scenes from Uncas, el fin de una raza.


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