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Cowboy de mediodía

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EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Cowboy de mediodía (Spain 2004 / Director: Alberto Blanco)

  • Runtime: 11 min

Cast and crew

  • Actors: Carlos Lucas
  • Story: Alberto Blanco
  • Screenplay: Alberto Blanco
  • Cinematographer: Alberto Borque
  • Music by: Javier Gimeno
  • Producer: Jofre Farré

Filming locations


Portrait of any given day in the life of the elderly Nicanor, a legendary cowboy already retired. As we observe some of the usual activities in the daily routine of this character, such as trying to ride a horse or fitting horseshoes in a stick, he tells us about his supposed great feats. This way, Nicanor talks about what one must have in a place like the ancient Far West in order to turn into someone respectable, something that, without any doubt, he has achieved. Our hero tells about his adventures with an exaggerated grandiloquence and we notice some incoherencies in his story that make us suspect that he is not exactly who he says he is.