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Custer of the West

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Custer of the West (France, UK, USA 1967 / Director: Robert Siodmak)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
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Also known as

La última aventura del General Custer (Spain) | Big Horn - ein tag zum Kampfen (German) | Ein Tag zum Kämpfen (Germany / Austria) | Custer l'eroe del West (Italy) | Kenraali Custer - Lännen suuri taistelija (Finland) | General Custers sidste kamp (Denmark) | Slaget vid Little Big Horn (Sweden) | Kaster sa Zapada (Croatia) | I istoria grafetai stin Dysi (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Robert Shaw (General George Armstrong Custer), Mary Ure (Elizabeth Custer), Ty Hardin (Major Marcus Reno), Jeffrey Hunter (Lieutenant Benteen), Lawrence Tierney (General Philip Sheridan), Marc Lawrence (talkative train passenger), Kieron Moore (Chief Dull Knife), Charles Stalmaker (Lieutenant Howells), Robert Hall (Sergeant Buckley), Jack Gaskins, Jack Taylor, John Clark (fort doctor), Fred Kohler Jr. [as Fred Kohler], Bill Christmas, Luis Rivera (Indian scout), Joe Zboran, Clemence Bettany, Jack Cooper, Bernabe Barta Barri [as Barta Barri](Grand Duke Alexi), Carl Rapp, John F. Dillon [as John Dillon], Bud Strait, John Underhill, Dennis Kilbane, Robert Reynolds, Robert Ryan (Mulligan)
  • Also with: Ken Miller
  • Story: Bernard Gordon, Julian Zimet [as Julian Harvey]
  • Screenplay: Bernard Gordon, Julian Zimet [as Julian Harvey]
  • Cinematography: Cecilio Paniagua [Technicolor - Super Technirama]
  • Music: Bernardo Segall
  • Producers: Philip Yordan, Louis Dolivet
  • Art direction: Julio Molina


After the Civil War, Custer turns down a life of military ease. Preferring action, he accepts the job of containing the aggressive natives on the frontier. The end is well known, but getting there is told a little differently in this biopic.

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