Dólar de recompensa, Un

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Un dólar de recompensa (Spain · Italy 1972 / Director: Rafael Romero Marchent)

Also known as

The Artist Is a Gunfighter (USA) | Those Damned Pounds of Gold (USA) | La preda e l'avvoltoio (Italy) | Mille maledetti kg. d'oro (Italy) | La Presa y la buitre (Spain) | Tu seras la proie des vautours (France) | La proie et le vautour (France) | El maldito oro de los buitres (Mexico) | As balas do odio (Portugal) | Ouro Maldito (Brazil) | Revenge of the Resurrected | Prey of Vultures
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After the killing of his father, Danny Lom finds work in a village, and with the help of the sheriff's daughter, investigates the crime.


  • Cast (Spanish): Peter Lee Lawrence (Danny Lom/O'Hara/Kit), Carlos Romero Marchent (Lou Stafford), Orchidea De Santis (Janet Sullivan), Andrés Mejuto (Sheriff Sullivan), Eduardo Calvo (Doc Jeremiah Dempsey), Dada Gallotti (Carol Wolley), Raffaele Baldassarre [as Raff Baldassarre] (Joe Porter, blacksmith), Lorenzo Robledo (Mathathy Johnson, barber), Luis Induni (Mr. O'Hara, Danny's Father), Emilio Rodrìguez (Henry Davies, hotelier), Antonio Pérez Almorós [as Antonio P. Almoros] (bartender), Maria Vico (stage passenger), Rufino Inglés (townsman), Alfredo Mayo (John Wolley), Francisco Braña (judge)
  • Also with: Antonio Orengo (priest), Miguel del Castillo (Wolley friend), Gonzalo Esquiroz (stage passenger), Ernesto Vañes (townsman), Agustín Bescos (saloon patron)
  • Story: Rafael Romero Marchent, Luis Gaspar
  • Screenplay: Rafael Romero Marchent, Fernand Popoli, Jose Luis Navarro
  • Cinematography: Mario Capriotti [Eastmancolor - Panoramico]
  • Music: Nora Orlandi
  • Producers: Eduardo Manzanos, Luciano Martino



Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 93 min

Release Dates

  • April 24, 1972 (Italy)

Filming locations

  • Poblado Golden City, Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid)

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