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This film was simply titled "Lucky Luke" for its initial theatrical release in most countries and received its sub-title "Daisy Town" later for home video releases, most likely due to the by then increased number of cinematic + TV adaptions of the popular character.

Daisy Town (France, Belgium 1971 / Director: René Goscinny)

Also known as

Lucky Luke (France) | Lucky Luke (UK) | Lucky Luke (Germany) | Lucky Luke el intrépido (Spain) | Talicni Tom (Yugoslavia) | Stastny Luke (Czechoslovakia) | Lucky Luke, o keravnos tou West (Greece) | Dzielny Szeryf Lucky Luke (Poland) | Lucky Luke és a nagyváros (Hungary)

Cast and crew

  • Cast (voices): Marcel Bozzuffi (Lucky Luke), Pierre Trabaud (Joe Dalton), Jacques Balutin (William Dalton), Jacques Jouanneau (Jack Dalton), Pierre Tornade (Averell Dalton), Jean Berger (Jolly Jumper), Roger Carel (Le croque-mort), Jacques Fabbri (Le maire), Jacques Legras, Claude Dasset, Jacques Bodoin, Georges Atlas, André Le Gall (as André Legal), Jacques Hilling, Rosy Varte (Lulu Carabine), Denise Bosc, Gérard Rinaldi (L'aboyeur de quadrille (as Gérard Dinal)), Nicole Croisille (uncredited)
  • Screenplay: Morris, René Goscinny, Pierre Tchernia
  • Film editing: Roger Cacheux, Jean-Pierre Careghetti
  • Music: Claude Bolling
  • Song: "I'm A Poor Lonesome Cowboy" sung by Pat Woods
  • Song: "Voila le guadrille!" sung by Philippe Clay
  • Song: "Dalton Theme" sung by Jean Stout
  • Song: "Daisy Town Saloon Song" sung by Nicole Croisille
  • Song: "Stamp Your Feet" sung by Dan Burke
  • Producers: Raymond LeBlanc, Rene Goscinny


A group of settlers crossing the desert in a wagon train notice a solitary daisy and take it as a sign to stop and found a town on the spot. The new town soon attracts all kinds of wrongdoers and becomes completely lawless until the day that Lucky Luke arrives. Lucky Luke casually foils all would-be attackers. The grateful town's people make him Daisy Town's first sheriff.

Everything is fine until the four notorious Dalton brothers ride into Daisy Town and take it over. Most people let them have their way and the town returns to lawlessness. Lucky Luke renounces the office of sheriff but tricks the Dalton brothers into turning against each other.

After being driven out of town, the Daltons persuade a local native tribe to declare war on Daisy Town. Lucky Luke comes up with a plan to keep the tribe confused until the cavalry arrive. A peace treaty is signed and the future looks bright for Daisy Town. However, when gold is discovered in the hills, the town is immediately abandoned and Lucky Luke rides off alone.

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