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Les Dalton (France, Germany, Spain 2004 / Director: Philippe Haïm)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

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Also known as

Bröderna Dalton (Sweden) | The Daltons (English title) | La vraie vie des Dalton (French working title) | Los Dalton contra Lucky Luke (Spain) | Los Dalton (Spain) | Lucky Luke y los hermanos Dalton (Spain) | Lucky Luke (Poland) | Lucky Luke (Germany) | Die Daltons vs Lucky Luke (Germany) | Daltonlar (Turkey) | Lucky Luke enantion Dalton (Greece)


  • Cast: Eric Judor (as Eric)(Joe Dalton), Ramzy Bedia (as Ramzy) (Averell Dalton), Saïd Serrari (Jack Dalton), Romain Berger (William Dalton), Til Schweiger (Lucky Luke), Javivi (El Tarlo), Marthe Villalonga (Ma Dalton), Jean Benguigui (Le Chef de Village), Arsène Mosca (bandit chief), Constantine Attia (Le Gros Bandit), Sylvie Joly (Ma Billy), Ginette Garcin (Ma James), Marie-Pierre Casey (Ma Cassidy), Paul Nguyen (MacDermott), Elie Semoun (Doxey), Kad Merad (Mexican), Michael Muller (bank manager), Michael Youn (cowboy), Frank Dubosc (bank director), Norbert Moran (Amish), Darry Cowl (old timer), Ismael Fritschi (Le Patron du Saloon), Jean Dujardin (Le Cow-Boy Vanneur), Eric Métayer (Rantanplan (voice), Jean Rochefort (Jolly Jumper (voice), Francois Hadji-Lazaro
  • Story: "Tortillas pour les Dalton" by Goscinny
  • Screenplay: Ramzy Bedia, Michel Hazanavicius, Eric Judor, Morris (characters)
  • Cinematography: David Carretero [color]
  • Music: Alexandre Azaria
  • Producers: Said Ben Said, Yves Marmion, Alfred Hurmer


The French comedy team of Eric & Ramzy starred in a 2004 movie titled simply “The Daltons”, in which Joe, Jack, William and Averell find out about a magic sombrero which makes people invincible, and try to steal it in order to rob a bank. Lucky Luke was only an episodic character in the movie. Ma Dalton was in the movie as well, and she had three friends, all mothers of famous Western criminals (Jesse James, Butch Cassidy , Billy the Kid). The movie got poor reviews with many fans complaining that it lacked the humour and the spirit of the original comic books.

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