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Demofilo Fidani (1914-1994) was a prolific Italian film director who specialized in spaghetti westerns and used many different pseudonyms.

Fidani directed 20 films most under his most popular pseudonym Miles Deem, 13 of which were westerns. His style can only be described as "derivative" and he used the names of well-known characters (Butch Cassidy, Macho Callahan, Django and Sartana) and variations of titles (including numerous "Fistfuls" or "Barrel fulls") to disguise the fact that most of his efforts were routine at best. This derivativeness, combined with bizarre characters and complete inattention to continuity, has made many refer to him as the "Ed Wood of spaghetti westerns". Besides his infamous westerns, he directed crime films, sex comedies, and a giallo. Fidani's regular actors include Hunt Powers (also known as Jack Betts), Gordon Mitchell, Jeff Cameron, Dennys Colt, Dino Strano and Klaus Kinski.

Fidani was also a talented artist and author, and a spiritual medium since 1936, when he was just 22 years old.


  • Cheap productions filmed exclusively in Italy using stuntman actors mostly.
  • Lack of common film skills but excelled in action and entertainment in general.
  • Use of hand held camera.
  • Frequently used Hunt Powers, Jeff Cameron, Fabio Testi, Gordon Mitchell, Dino Strano and Klaus Kinski.

Films by Demofilo Fidani aka Miles Deem


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