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Desperado, El

From The Spaghetti Western Database

El desperado (Italy 1967 / Director: Franco Rossetti)

  • Runtime: 105 min
  • Release Date: 30.9.67

Also known as

The Dirty Outlaws (U.S.A.) | The Big Ripoff (U.S.A., cut version) | Escondido (Spain) | El desesperado (Spain) | King of the West (U.K.) | Die im Staub verrecken (Germany) | Halleluja Escondido (Germany) | Escondido (Germany) | El desperado (France) | Massacre et le sang (France) | Le boue...le le mort (France) | Sujos e Sem Lei (Brazil) | Texas desperados (Greece) | Modder, bloedbad en dood (Belgium) | O Amargo Sabor Da Vingança (Brazil) | さすらいのデスペラード Sasurai no Desperado DVD title (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Andrea Giordana [as Chip Corman](Steve 'El Desperado'), Rosemarie Dexter (Katy), Franco Giornelli (Asher, outlaw leader), Dana Ghia (Lucy), Piero Lulli (Sam Flannigan), Aldo Berti (Jonathan / Gionata), Giovanni Petrucci (Rico, gold receiver), Pino Polidori [as Giuseppe Palidori], Andrea Scotti (Togo, Mexican outlaw), Dino Strano (Jim, outlaw), John Bartha (Wallace, gold receiver), Antonio Cantafora (Bill Flannigan), Giuseppe Castellano (gold delivery shotgun), Giorgio Gruden (bartender), Gianluigi Crescenzi [as Gian Luigi Crescenzi], Sergio Serafini [as Sandro Serafini], Claudio Trionfi, Osiride Pevarello (piano player), Alba Maiolini (woman at hanging), Enrico Chiappafreddo (saloon brawler), Remo Capitani (hanging rope holder), Lina Franchi (woman in saloon)
  • Story: Ugo Guerra, Franco Rossetti
  • Screenplay: Ugo Guerra, Franco Rossetti, Vincenzo Cerami
  • Cinematography: Angelo Filippini [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Gianni Ferrio
  • Song: "The Desperado" sung by John Balfour
  • Producers: Ugo Guerra, Elio Scardamaglia


In this spaghetti western, set during the last days of the Civil War, an outlaw finds a dying Confederate officer. As the officer expires, he tells the outlaw about a cache of gold hidden in his blind father's home. The enterprising thief takes the dead man's clothes and tricks the father and his housekeeper into believing that he is the son. He is just about ready to begin looking for the gold when an outlaw gang comes to town and forces him to help them rob an army payroll wagon.


With El desperado screenplay writer Franco Rossetti (Django amongst others) moved himself successfully into the directing chair, but it remained his only SW. It is a well made western which tells a brutish story in a gritty and violent way.

by Stanton


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