Dio Solo Sa

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Dio Solo Sa (Italy, Venezuela 1997 / Enzo (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio))

  • Runtime: 100 minutes
  • Production Companies: Antea (Rome), EDA Cinematografica (Caracas)
  • Shooting Location: Venezuela

Also known as

Ma il buon Dio è proprio in gamba? (Italy) | Solo dios lo sabe (Spain) | God Only Knows

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Ethan Wayne (Gary Clemons), Jo Champa (Bess), Andrey Khalimon (Jeremy), Valentina Carmona (Margaret), Loreto Ricci (Lang), Hamish Cranfield (Tudor), Carlos Delgado (Pat), Luis Gerado Nunez (Jose Luis), Mercedes Moncada (Jewel), Santos Ascanio (Pedro), Carmen Gonzalez de Lovera (Dolores), Carolina Leandro (Maria), Alexandra De Din (Naomi), Enriuqe Dorante (Miguel), Maria Antonieta De Ardila (Martha), Mira Mira Kugelmann (Judith), Samuel (Eric Luharz),

Rosario (Carme De Orsini), Mathias (Hector Garcia), Ether (Jesus Picena Blanco), Aldo Sambrell

  • Story: Enzo D'Ambrosio (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio)
  • Screenplay: Enzo D'Ambrosio (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio), Augusto Finocchi
  • Cinematography: Robert Girometti [Color]
  • Music: Giovanni Luisi
  • Producer: Enzo D’Ambrosio (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio)


An outlaw fleeing to Mexico to escape the law finds two orphans of a wagon train massacre and the trio has a number of adventures before the story is resolved.

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