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Review of the Blue Underground release of DJANGO (US, Region 1), which has seen a number of re-releases.

The Film

Django (Franco Nero) is a lonely ex-soldier with a coffin dragged behind him returning to a southern town seeking revenge for his loved one, who was slain by Major Jackson (Eduardo Fajardo) while Django was serving for the Union in the civil war. While playing mexican bandits against Jackson's fascist gang, he saves the life of a woman called Maria (Loredana Nusciak), who falls in love with him. Django tricks the Mexicans and slays Jackson's men, only to be crippled by the Mexicans thereafter and facing Jackson in a final duel with bloody and broken hands... but that will not stop Django from seeking revenge and killing Jackson

Django is one of the most famous and influencial Spaghetti Westerns of all times. Not only did this film spawn several hundred other Spaghetti Westerns with a "Django" in the title or as a character, but it also set a standard for B-movie Spaghetti Westerns which have followed its pattern ever since: a sole hero, a war veteran, clothed in army uniforms, quick shooting, mysterious, unable to have a relationship, seeking revenge, unshaved beard, doesn't talk much etc... Sergio Corbucci may have made his most important film with Django, and Franco Nero became famous with it. But to be perfectly honest, this film is a B movie nonetheless. It has a great opening, some typical scenes, a very sinister mood, great music, actors and a very stylish end. But as all other Spaghetti Westerns of the kind, it is a cheaply made film and it certainly looks that way. Nonetheless, this is a must see, not only because of how important the film is for the history of this genre of cinema, but also because it is very enjoyable and an absolute cult classic. The title theme will forever stick with you and whenever you see a Spaghetti Western that was made after Django, you will recognize features that have most likely been copied from Django. B+


Blue Underground's Spaghetti Western Collection is long sold out, and the films are now available seperately, and so is Django. You might still be able to pick up the old edition, but most likely it is that you pick up the new edition which also includes an extra min-DVD with a Franco Nero short film on it entitled The Last Pistolero. A very nice short film I don't want to mention too much.

The DVD presents the film totally uncut and remasterd. However - and this is shown to the viewer before the film starts - there were significant problems with the material and there is visible damage to the picture which can be spotted in several occasions throughout the film. And I have to say that damage is very severe and is quite distracting. However, it is only less than 5% of the film and the rest of the material looks really great. There is grain and the picture is not that sharp, but all in all, they have done a good job restoring this footage. B-

Blue Underground provides the English dub (which sounds quite bizarre at times but is otherwise a good version) and the Italian dub (which is a lot more realistic screenplay wise) but both sound about equally average. Both are mono tracks but they serve their purpose and sound really good actually. There are optional English subtitles. B+

The extras (apart from the short film that is part of the new edition) are almost nonexistent. BUT there is a 13 Minute featurette called "Django - The one and only" which is a bunch of interviews with Franco Nero and Ruggero Deodato (the assistand director) which is quite interesting and a must see. But apart from that there's only the trailer, a photo gallery and some text sheets. B-


Django is one of the most famous westerns of all times. It influenced the Spaghetti Western genre in a huge way and it is a must see for every fan. A very enjoyable film that comes on a DVD that offers good quality and some extras only, but is well worth the money despite the flaws it has. For a fan this is a must-own and no matter if you buy this one, the British one, the French one or the German DVD (which you can get for the same price along with 2 other semi-Django films), it is worth your bucks because Django, aside from all the myths and the blah-blah, is a decent Spaghetti Western you will certainly love (and love to own).

--Sebastian 21:48, 21 November 2005 (CET)