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This DVD is published in Germany by Koch Media. (Region 2) The DVD offers English subtitles.

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The Films

All three are completely uncut and remastered. Missing German dialoge is presented in Italian with subtitles.

  • 10.000 blutige Dollar: Django is hunting rewards, but those starting at 10 grand. Gangster Manuel isn't worth the trouble ... yet. He joins forces with him to rob an armored transport, but gets doublecrossed by him and kills his lover. But then Django tricks him and the hunt begins, a hunt that can only have one ending.... a flow of blood, not of gold.
  • Django - Der Bastard: Django is on the hunt again. This time he stumbles upon his own past. Back then, he was screwed by his half-brother Clint, who claimed that Django killed their father. So Django was sentenced. But today, Django recognizes Clint on a Wanted poster. While on the look for Clint, he gets word of the death of their mother, who wished nothing more but that he not shoot first. While Clint is on the rampage with other bandits, who he doublecrosses, Django gets nearer. Django wants to bring Clint in for the reward, but the bandits now want him dead. Arriving at the Sheriff's office with Clint in handcuffs, he doesn't get any money, because the Southern states have lost the war and the state can't pay. So the two fight their way to the border, with Clint's loot and Django's lover as company... and Django knows he can not trust Clint...
  • Django - Die Bibel ist kein Kartenspiel: Django travels the high country earning money for his skills with the colt. But one day he gets into confrontation with a bounty hunter, who takes him for a famous gangster (played also by Richardson). The bounty hunter has to settle a score with the gangster Coler. After they've settled the misunderstanding, both go their own ways looking for Coler... and a supposed treasure of gold....


  • 10.000 blutige Dollar: Not the best film in the box, but offers everything you'd expect from an upper B-grade Spaghetti Western, and more. Gianni Garko plays the word-savvy colt-artist like nothing. Volonte's brother Claudio Camaso plays the bandit like his brother would've done it. The film is nicely directed and has good music. Loredana Nusciak has her return to the screen as Django's lover and Fernando Sancho does his best acting as the fat bastard gangster. The film's plot sucks but offers a lot of fun and a sinister finale!
  • Django - Der Bastard: Even better than the first, Garko returns in best form. The film is similar to the first, but content-wise, is totally different. This Cain and Abel story is told piece by piece, is nicely performed. The film offers a lot of fun and is a real change from the usual. The great cameos by Piero Lulli and Fernando Sancho are also a great plus, and of course the beautiful Claudia Lange. The Leone-style flashbacks contribute a lot to the depth of the story. A great film.
  • Django - Die Bibel ist kein Kartenspiel: This film isn't up to par with the other two. The leading actor is not charming enough and the story isn't told well enough. But the music is great and so is the scenery. They probably should've included a third Garko movie instead, but that doesn't mean this film sucks. It offers good entertainment and some quite original ideas, finishing the box in quite a neat way


Just like the Sollima box, this box is conceived as a digipak fold-out containing the discs and all that in a drawer. The box (while the cover image might not be such a great choice) looks great. The Menus are great and a huge step forward from the previous Koch DVDs.


The box offers German and Italian audio on all three films in Dolby Digital 2.0 (with optional German or - which is not noted on the box or on the website - English subtitles). The Quality is good to average, with some glitches here and there but overall pretty impressive for the age. Sometimes the audio gets too hollow and dark, and then clears up again. It's definitely not perfect, but good.


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10.000 Dollars for a Massacre

KMDjangoBox Screenshots 10000DollarsforaMassacre 01.jpg KMDjangoBox Screenshots 10000DollarsforaMassacre 02.jpg KMDjangoBox Screenshots 10000DollarsforaMassacre 03.jpg

Vengeance is mine

KMDjangoBox Screenshots VengeanceIsMine 01.jpg KMDjangoBox Screenshots VengeanceIsMine 02.jpg KMDjangoBox Screenshots VengeanceIsMine 03.jpg


KMDjangoBox Screenshots Execution 01.jpg KMDjangoBox Screenshots Execution 02.jpg KMDjangoBox Screenshots Execution 03.jpg

Apart from Execution , the films are presented in cinemascope (2.35:1 enhanced for 16:9 displays, Execution is 1.85:1) that look pretty good, if not too good for such low-budget films as these. The colors are great and there's enough detail. Occasional glitches and some darker pictures are there, but nothing grave.


DjangoItalowesternBox 3D.png
  • Mondo Garko documentary (two parts, 53 minutes): An interesting documentary consiting of interviews with Garko himself and others, plus film scenes and pictures.
  • Several original theatrical trailers from Germany and Italy (Blutige Dollar: The italian trailer has far better quality; Execution: only the Italian trailer, but restored; Der Bastard: The Italian trailer is restored the German one is not)
  • Picture Galleries with rare promo artwork
  • A 22 page booklet/liner notes by Wolfang Luley (also contains the tracklist for the Soundtrack CD) that deals with all the Django marketing and other industry knowledge. Very interesting.
  • Soundtrack Album CD containing 31 tracks of the two Django/Garko films, by Nora Orlandi


The two Garko films offer great entertainment and loads of typical Spaghetti Western action. Some cool characters and nice stories make those films a nice experience. Execution is somehow off that track, not only because of the cast but also regarding the Quality. All in all, the three films are nice representatives of their genre and a must-see for the true Fan. With this box, Koch Media proves again, that they're the leading company in Spaghetti Western DVD Producers. Nice Artwork, cool extras, really good video transfer. The three films come across as nice as never before, if only the sound would've been a tad better, but there's nothing to worry. This box is absolutely recommended für fans, because the films do entertain and the box is yet another treasure in the portfolio of Mr Bruckner and his team. Keep up the good work, Koch Media!


Films: 4/5; Audio: 3/5; Video: 4/5; Extras: 3/5

--Sebastian 14:53, 23 Sep 2005 (CEST)

Screenshots by Alexander Fischer

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Koch Media.

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