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Django sfida Sartana (Italy 1970 / Director: Pasquale Squitieri [as William Redford])

  • Runtime: 97 min
  • Release Date: 3.4.1970

Also known as

Django Defies Sartana (U.S.A.) | Django Against Sartana (U.S.A.) | Django desafia a Sartana (Spain) | E gran desafio de Django y Sartana (Spain) | Django défie Sartana (France) | Omuz Omuza (Turkey) | Django utmanar Sartana (Sweden) | Rykande Revolvrar (Sweden) | Savuavat revolverit (Finland) | O Django prokalei ton Sartana (Greece) | Django Challenges Sartana | Souboj: Django vs. Sartana (Czech Republic) | Django desafia Sartana (Portugal)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Tony Kendall (Django), George Ardisson (Sartana), José Torres (Loco/Il Muto), John Alvar (Steve), Bernard Farber (as Bernard Faber)(Philip Singer), Adler Gray (Singer's niece), Federico Boido (as Rick Boyd)(gunman), Salvatore Billa (Singer henchman), Fulvio Mingozzi (sheriff), Augusto Pescarini (as Augosto Pesarini)(Singer henchman), Mirella Pamphili (saloon girl), Claudio Trionfi, Teodoro Corrà (as Doro Corra)(Juan Corvo), Tania Alvarado (Maria), Fortunato Arena (bandit), Pasquale Squitieri (killer)(uncredited), Freddy Unger (town rowdy)
  • Story: Pasquale Squitieri (as William Redford)
  • Screenplay: Pasquale Squitieri (as William Redford)
  • Cinematography: Eugenio Bentivoglio [Eastmancolor - Normal 1,85:1]
  • Music: Piero Umiliani
  • Song: "They Call Him Django" sung by John Balfour
  • Producer: Robert Bessi


Django comes to town to discover that his brother Steve, accused of robbing a bank, has been lynched. Django believes the real culprit is Sartana and challenges him to a duel. Just in time he discovers that the author of the crime is an important local figure and Django and Sartana join forces to punish him.


The mythical confrontation between SWs most famous heroes is only a lame quarrel, and anyway the title would be more appropriate if it would have been changed to "Django with Sartana". Pascal Squitieri's clumsy debut film is a cheap affair produced in "Fidani Country", with 2 leading actors which are not able to walk in Nero's and Garko's boots and lots of dialogues which are only a stiff and shallow rendering of SW cliches. As so often the music is the best part to remember. // by Stanton


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