Dollaro tra i denti, Un

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Un dollaro tra i denti (Italy · USA 1966 / Director: Luigi Vanzi)

Also known as

A Stranger in Town (USA) | For a Dollar in the Teeth (UK) | Ein Dollar zwischen den Zähnen (Germany) | Un Dollar Entre Les Dents (France) | Dollari hampaissa (Finland) | Ena dollario anamesa sta dontia (Greece) | Um dolar no dentes (Portugal) | En dollar mellan tanderna (Sweden) | A Dollar Between the Teeth (English Export) | Um Dólar Entre os Dentes (Brazil) | 暁の用心棒 Akatsuki no Youjinbo (Japan)
A Stranger in Town movie poster


A stranger arrives in a sleepy border town, where he witnesses how a Mexican army regiment is killed by bandits, who take the place of the soldiers in a lucrative deal with the American army. The stranger is hired by the bandits to ‘identify’ them as Federales, but when he’s done his job, the bandit leader tries to eliminate him. The stranger manages to escape but is then trapped and brutally tortured. Finally he faces the gang in a bloody showdown in the town’s street.


  • Cast (Italian): Tony Anthony (The Stranger), Jolanda Modio (Chica), Raf Baldassarre (Corgo), Aldo Berti (Marinero), Enrico Capoleoni, Arturo Corso (Aguila soldier with scar on nose), Antonio Marsina (red-blond haired Aguila soldier), Salvatore Puntillo (priest), Fortunato Arena (Captain Cordoba), Rossella Bergamonti (village servant woman), Ugo Carbone, Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia [as Ivan Scratt], Gia Sandri (Maria 'Maruka' Pilar), Frank Wolff (Aguila)
  • Also with: Lars Bloch (Lieutenant Ted "George" Harrison/Stafford), Alberigo Donadeo (Aguilar henchman), Remo Capitani (US soldier carrying gold box), Giulio Mauroni (Aguila soldier), Alberigo Donadeo (Aguila soldier), Marcello Meconizzi (Aguila soldier), Tony Casale (Aguila soldier), Angela Minervini (village woman ?)
  • Director: Luigi Vanzi
  • Screenplay: Warren Garfield, Giuseppe Mangione [as Jone Mang / John Mangione]
  • Cinematography: Marcello Masciocchi [Eastmancolor - widescreen 1,78:1]
  • Music: Benedetto Ghiglia
  • Producers: Roberto Infascelli, Massimo Gualdi, Allen Klein


Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 86 min

Release Dates

  • January 13, 1967 (Italy)

Filming locations

  • Cinecitta studio
  • Cava della Magliana - Rome ITALY

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