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Domani passo a salutare la tua vedova... parola di Epidemia

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Tu fosa será la exacta... amigo (Spain, Italy 1972 / Director: Juan Bosch (as John Wood))

  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 11.8.1972

Also known as

Meine Kanone, mein Pferd... und deine Witwe (Germany) | My Horse... My Gun... Your Widow (U.S.A.) | Tu fosa será la exacta... amigo (Spain) | Mon cheval, mon colt, ta veuve (France) | Vestens største guldkup (Denmark) | Naru Kaulassa Ei Naurata (Finland) | Lännen suurin kultakeikka (Finland)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Craig Hill (Doctor Janus Saxon), Claudie Lange (Deborah Page), Cris Huerta [as Chris Huerta] (Pepe Carrasco), Pedro Maria Sanchez (Louis Donovan), Rosario Borelli [as Richard Melvill] (Dog, Carraco's brother), Carlo Gaddi (Carrasco lieutenant)
  • Also with: Carlos Otero (Donovan, safecracker), Gaspar 'Indio' González (Miguel, Carrasco henchman), Luis Induni (Sheriff Appleton), Mimmo Poli (innkeeper), Juan Torres (Mexican illegal), Esteban Dalmases (deputy), Manuel Brochud (Gus, deputy), Francisco Jarque Zurbano (barber), Miguel Muniesa (waystation proprietor), Marcello Meconizzi (inn busboy), Giuseppe Marrocu (bank manager), Alfonso Sarlo (angry hotel guest), Franco Ricci (hotel guest)
  • Story: Juan Bosch [as John Wood]
  • Screenplay: Juan Bosch [as John Wood], Sauro Scavolini
  • Cinematography: Giorgio Tonti [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Bruno Nicolai
  • Song: “Arizona Gun” sung by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
  • Producer: Luciano Martino, Ricardo Sanz


Doc Saxon and his gang rob the Crown City bank but are double-crossed by Carrasco, a Mexican bandit, who steals the gold and leaves Doc and Donovan with nothing.


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