Donna chiamata Apache, Una

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Una donna chiamata Apache (Italy 1976 / Director: Giorgio Mariuzzo)

Also known as

Apache Woman (Germany) | Una mujer llamada Apache (Spain) | Mujer Apache (Spain) | La hermana de Keoma (Argentina) | Apassinainen (Finland) | Une fille nommée Apache (France) | Sfagi stin hora ton Apache (Greece) | Apachekvinnan (Sweden) | Uma Mulher Chamada Apache (Brazil)
Apache Woman movie poster


This is an Italian take on the maltreatment of the Indians by the US Army. A group of Apaches, mainly women and children, escape from the reservation, but the army is on their trail and they’re nearly all killed during a surprise attack. One woman survives the massacre and she’s found by a young soldier, who was appalled by what he saw. They must now try to make their way back to civilization. Violent and sexy, this a cheap imitation of Soldier Blue. It’s only half decent, but at least not completely hopeless. Some of the drama works, in spite of the cheapness – Scherpschutter


  • Cast (Italian): Pier Luigi Conti [as Al Cliver] (Tommy), Clara Hopf [as Yara Kewa] (Sunsirahè), Federico Boido [as Rick Boyd] (Keith), Corrado Olmi (Honest Jeremy / Geremia), Roque Oppedisano (Frankie), Peter MacSing (Preacher Masters), Ely Galleani (Master's daughter), Enrico Chiappafreddo [as Henry Kalter] (Palmer), Nadir Brown (Indian), Raul Cabrera (Sunsirahè's brother), Frank Warner (Master's son), Robert Thomas (Master's son), Eugene Bertil (First Sergeant), Mario Maranzana (Snake)
  • Director: Giorgio Mariuzzo [as George McRoots]
  • Story: Giorgio Mariuzzo
  • Screenplay: Giorgio Mariuzzo, Antonio Raccioppi
  • Cinematography: Sergio Rubini [as Sergei Rubin] [Eastmancolor - widescreen]
  • Music: Maria Maglioni [as Budy-Maglione, that is to say Roberto Donati and Maria Fiamma Maglione]
  • Song: "Apache Woman" sung by Judy Hill
  • Producers: Enzo Doria, S. Belket



Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 89 min

Release Dates

  • December 10, 1976 (Italy)

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