Donna chiamata Apache, Una

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Una donna chiamata Apache (Italy 1976 / Director: Giorgio Mariuzzo [as George McRoots])

  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Release Date: 10.12.1976

Also known as

Apache Woman (Germany) | Una mujer llamda apache (Spain) | Mujer Apache (Spain) | La hermena de Keoma (Argentina) | Apassinainen (Finland) | Une fille nommée Apache (France) | Sfagi stin hora ton Apache (Greece) | Apachekvinnan (Sweden)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Pier Luigi Conti [as Al Cliver](Tommy), Corrado Olmi (Honest Jeremy / Geremia), Clara Hopf [as Yara Kewa](Sunsirahè), Peter MacSing (Preacher Masters), Roque Oppedisano (Frankie), Mario Maranzana (Snake), Federico Boido [as Rick Boyd](Keith), Henry Kalter (Palmer), Ely Galleani (Master's daughter), Eugene Bertil (First Sergeant), Frank Warner (Master's son), Nadir Brown (Indian), Raul Cabrera (Sunsirahè's brother), Robert Thomas (Master's son), Marie France Boyer, Venantino Venantini, Carmella N. Hall
  • Story: Giorgio Mariuzzo
  • Screenplay: Giorgio Mariuzzo, Antonio Raccioppi
  • Cinematography: Sergio Rubini [as Sergei Rubin] [Eastmancolor - widescreen]
  • Music: Maria Maglioni [as Budy-Maglione, that is to say Roberto Donati and Maria Fiamma Maglione]
  • Song: "Apache Woman" sung by Judy Hill
  • Producers: Enzo Doria, S. Belket


This is an Italian take on the maltreatment of the Indians by the US Army. A group of Apaches, mainly women and children, escape from the reservation, but the army is on their trail and they’re nearly all killed during a surprise attack. One woman survives the massacre and she’s found by a young soldier, who was appalled by what he saw. They must now try to make their way back to civilization. Violent and sexy, this a cheap imitation of Soldier Blue. It’s only half decent, but at least not completely hopeless. Some of the drama works, in spite of the cheapness – Scherpschutter


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