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Dos pistolas gemelas

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Dos pistolas gemelas (Spain, Italy 1966 / Director: Rafael Romero Marchent)

  • Runtime: 93 min
  • Release Date: 23.4.1966
  • Filming Locations: Almería

Also known as

Una donna per Ringo (Italy) | Due infallibili pistole (Italy) | Vengeance Ranch (USA) | Two Guns For Two Twins (USA) | Woman for Ringo (USA) | 6 Kugeln für Gringo (Germany) | Pas de pitié pour Ringo (France) | Gen Medelijden voor Ringo (Belgium) | Kanena oikto gia ton Ringo (Greece) | Duas Pistoleiras Invencíveis (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Pilar Bayona (as Pili)(Jenny), Emilia Bayona (as Mili)(Sally), Sean Flynn (Jimmy), George Rigaud (as Jorge Rigaud), Beni Deus, Rogelio Madrid, Renato Baldini, Eva Guerr, Luis Induni, José Sepúlveda, Giacomo Furia, José Orjas, Ricardo Rodríguez, Mario Morales, Guillermo Méndez, Gonzalo Esquiroz, José Uria, Juan Maján, Rossella Bergamonti, María Bárbara, Dolores Guerrero, Alfonso Veady (saloon patron)
  • Screenplay: Giovanni Simonelli
  • Cinematography: Franco Vitrotti [Eastmancolor - Totalscope 2,35:1 (maybe Panoramico 1,66:1)]
  • Music: Gregorio Garcia Segura
  • Producer: Benito Perojo


Twin sisters inherit a ranch and have trouble with rustlers.


A western with musical elements


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