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Giù la testa (Italy 1971) is director Sergio Leone's only revolutionary western and forms the second part of his so-called America Trilogy.

Also known as

Duck, You Sucker (USA) | Once Upon a Time... the Revolution (USA) | A Fistful of Dynamite (UK) | C'era una volta la rivoluzione (Italy) | Todesmelodie (Germany) | ¡Agáchate, maldito! (Spain) | Il était une fois... la révolution (France) | Aguenta-te, canalha (Portugal) | Los héroes de Mesa Verde (Argentina) | Érase una vez la revolución (Argentina) | Quando explode a vingança (Brazil) | Garść dynamitu (Poland) | Maahan, senkin hölmö (Finland) | Ducka skitstövel (Sweden) | För nàgra nävar dynamit (Sweden) | Il était une fois la revolution (French Canadian) | Duk dig fjols (Denmark) | Kato ta kefalia (Greece) | Sagni se naivcina (Serbia) | Za saku dinamita (Serbia) | 夕陽のギャングたち Yuhino Gang-tachi (Japan) | Kapsy plné dynamitu (Czech Republic) | Hlavu dolů (Czech Republic) | سرتو بدزد رفیق (Iran) | Шепа динамит (Bulgaria) | Имало едно време революция (Bulgaria alternative title) | 석양의 갱들 (South Korea)
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John Mallory (Coburn), an IRA explosives specialist joins the Mexican bandit Juan (Steiger) in his quest to rob the bank of Mesa Verde. What Juan thinks is a nice joint venture to get rich, quickly turns out to become an operation for the revulutionary cause, and the two are being drawn into a fight against the Mexican army, treason and violence, the fight bearing painful similarities to Mallory's IRA past. The two form an unlikely but true friendship that is tested by a fight that is anything but simple.


  • Cast (Italian): Rod Steiger (Juan Miranda), James Coburn (Sean/John H. Mallory), Romolo Valli (Doctor Villega), Maria Monti (Adelita), Rik Battaglia [as Rick Battaglia] (Santerna), Franco Graziosi (governor), Antoine Saint-John (as Domingo Antoine)(Colonel Reza), Giulio Battiferi (cross-eyed rebel who smokes), Paola Bendandi (pock-marked rebel), Omar Bonaro (Villega's assistant, revolutionary), Roy Bosier (landowner, coach), John Frederick (American coach passenger), Amato Garbini (1st railroad policeman knifed by Juan), Michael Harvey (Yankee, coach driver), Biagio La Rocca (Benito Miranda), Furio Meniconi (executed cafe owner), Nazzareno Natale, Vincenzo Norvese (Pancho Miranda), Stefano Oppedisano (young rebel w/curly hair), Amelio Perlini (Miranda son), Goffredo Pistoni (Nino 'Papa' Miranda), Renato Pontecchi (Miranda son), Jean Rougeul (priest, coach), Corrado Solari (Napoleon Miranda), Benito Stefanelli, Franco Tocci (railroad policeman), Rosito Torosh, Antonio Casale [as Anthony Vernon] (solicitor, coach), Vivienne Chandler (Irish girlfriend) (International credit], David Warbeck (Sean Nolan, John's friend in Ireland) [Int.]
  • Uncredited & Background actors: José Aquilino Montoya (blown up Miranda), Aldo Sambrell (Captain of firing squad), Romano Milano (Mesa Verde prisoner), Tony Casale (Mesa Verde prisoner), Alberigo Donadeo (Santerna man on train), Paolo Figlia (bank guard), Franco Ukmar (bank guard)
  • Screenplay: Sergio Leone, Sergio Donati, Luciano Vincenzoni
  • Cinematography: Giuseppe Ruzzolini [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Producer: Fulvio Morsella
  • Executive producers: Ugo Tucci, Claudio Mancini
  • Editor: Nino Baragli



Originally, Giancarlo Santi was meant to direct this, but exited shortly after start of production, because the US stars insisted on Sergio Leone directing himself.

Versions and runtimes

Release Dates

  • October 29, 1971 (Italy)

Filming locations

Production and business

under construction


Coburn and Steiger voice their own in the English track to this film.

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