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Duell vor Sonnenuntergang

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Duell vor Sonnenuntergang (West Germany, Yugoslavia, Italy 1965 / Director: Leopold Lahola)

Also known as

Duel at Sundown (U.S.A.) | Sparate a vista su Killer Kid (Italy) | Ragazzi sparate a vista su killer kid (Italy) | Killer Kid - Lännen kapinallinen (Finland) | Blaue Augen - schneller Colt (Germany) | Duel au crepuscule (France) | Zabiják Kid (Slovak Republic) | Killer Kid Morto Ou Vivo (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Peter van Eyck (Don McDow), Carole Gray (Nancy Greenwood/Parker), Wolfgang Kieling (Punch), Terence Hill [as Mario Girotti](Larry McDow), Walter Barnes (Pa McDow), Todd Martin (Smokey Jim), Giacomo Rossi-Stuart (Quents), Demeter Bitenc (Fred Mack), Kurt Heintel (sheriff), Jan Hendriks (Lord), Carl Lange (pastor)
  • Also with: Klaus Dahlen (Baby Face), Slobodan Dimitrijevic (Fort Clark lyncher)
  • Story: Leopoldo Lahola, Marek Hlasko
  • Screenplay: Leopold Lahola, Anya Corvin
  • Cinematography: Janez Kalisni [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Zvi Borodo
  • Producer: Leopold Lahola


Arizona, 1890. Rancher McDow has two sons: Don, the eldest, is head above the rest and Larry, the younger one, lives in his shadow. On the cattle drive to market both Larry and the cattle disappear leaving Don to sort out the mystery.


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