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E Dio disse a Caino

From The Spaghetti Western Database

E Dio disse a Caino... (Italy, West Germany 1969 / Director: Antonio Margheriti)

  • Runtime: 100 min
  • Release Date: 5.2.1970

Also known as

And God Said to Cain (U.S.A.) | Cain's Revenge (Australia) | Satan der Rache (Germany) | ...Y Dios dijo a Cain (Spain) | La venganza de Satán (Spain) [video title] | Nacido para matar (Spain) [video title] | ...E Deus Disse a Caim (Brazil) | Et le vent apporta le violence (France) | Un homme, un cheval, un fusil (France) | Et Dieu dit a Cain (France) | Dödsjakten (Sweden) | Gejaagd door geweld (Belgium) | Kai o Theos sihathike ton Kain (Greece) | Satan of Revenge | Revenge at Sundown | Fury at Sundown | Shoot Twice | Ponoćni Obračun (Yugoslavia) | Direito de Vingança (Portugal) | そして、神はカインに語った (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Klaus Kinski (Gary Hamilton), Peter Carsten (Acombar), Marcella Michelangeli (Maria / Mary Acombar), Guido Lollobrigida [as Lee Burton] (Miguel Santamaria), Antonio Cantafora (Dick Acombar), Giuliano Raffaelli (Jonathan, doctor), Luciano Pigozzi [as Alan Collins] (Francisco Santamaria), Lucio De Santis (Jim Santamaria), María Luisa Sala (Rosy), Joaquín Blanco (Frank), Giacomo Furia (Juanito, butler), Furio Meniconi (Mike), Luigi Bonos [as Gigi Bonos] (Joe, the madman), Marco Morelli (priest), Franco Gulà (old gun dealer), Osiride Pevarello (Pedro), Pedro Mendiconi, Mario Novelli (bounty hunter), Conrado San Martin (prison warden), Amerigo Santarelli (blacksmith)
  • Story: Giovanni Addessi
  • Screenplay: Antonio Margheriti, Giovanni Addessi
  • Cinematography: Luciano Trasatti, Riccardo Pallottini [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Song: "Rocks, Blood and Sand" sung by Don Powell
  • Producers: Giovanni Addessi, Peter Carsten

The Film

After ten years of forced labour, for a crime he never committed, Gary Hamilton is pardoned. The man who framed him, Acombar, has become a local tyrant, who pays an army of gunmen to protect him. A tornado is gathering when Hamilton approaches Acombar town, and the gunmen who are waiting for him are blinded by the dust raised by the heavy winds. Hamilton uses the network of underground galleries from an Indian graveyard to stalk his enemies and kill them one by one, most of them in gruesome fashion, helped by some of the town’s people who hate Acombar.


The script for this movie, had already been used for Salvatore Rosso’s A Stranger in Paso Bravo. This is without any doubt the better of the two adaptations. Often called Margheriti’s best western, this is also one of the very best of the gothic spaghetti westerns. In true horror style, excellent use has been made of slamming windows, flapping curtains and tolling bells to create an atmosphere of imminent danger and terror. Birds start screaming when Hamilton’s name is called … This is a must see. - Scherpschutter

There are two known versions of the film. Some releases have a minute and a half cut out of the film at approximately the 15:22 mark. It is confirmed that the French M6 version does not have the extended scene.

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