E per tetto un cielo di stelle

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...e per tetto un cielo di stelle (Italy 1968 / Director: Giulio Petroni)

  • Runtime: 97 min
  • Release Date: 14.8.1968

Also known as

A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof (U.S.A.) | Amigos (Germany) | Quem dispara primeiro (Portugal/Brazil) | Amigos - Die (B)Engel lassen Grüssen (Germany) | En kugle i panden (Denmark) | Teksasin taivaan alla (Finland) | Teksasin raivaan alla (Finland) | La belle etoile (France) | Ciel de plomb (France) | Por techo las estrellas (Spain) | Duell under stjärnorna (Sweden) | Their Roof was a Sky Full of Stars (U.K.) | Billy Boy (U.K.) | Billy Boy, to pio grigoro pistoli (Greece) | Ekdikisis stin kiolada ton keravnon (Greece) | Grigoros san astrapi, viaios san kataigida (Greece) | And For a Roof a Sky Full of Stars | A Pistola é Minha Bíblia (Brazil) | 暁のガンマン DVD title (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Giuliano Gemma (Billy 'Tim Hawkins' Boyd / Larry), Mario Adorf (Harry/Henry Jim), Magda Konopka (Dorothy McDonald), Julie Menard (Donna the Siren), Federico Boido [as Rick Boyd] (Roger Pratt), Anthony Dawson (Samuel Pratt), Sandro Dori (sideshow owner), Franco Balducci (Brent Beauregard), Paul Branco, Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia [as Ivan Scratulia] (telegraph townsman), Franco Lantieri (Pratt henchman)
  • Also with: Chris Huerta (stagecoach passenger), Vi­ctor Israel (inn keeper), Paolo Magalotti (as Piero Magalotti)(Pratt henchman), Benito Stefanelli (Pratt henchman), Amerigo Castrighella (Pratt henchman), Luigi Ciavarro (Pratt henchman), Paolo Figlia (Pratt henchman), Mario Dardanelli (Pratt henchman), John Bartha (Singleton / Lawrence, shopkeeper), Nino Musco (Pueblo City 'sheriff'), Mario Pennisi (Brodigan, telegraph townsman), Luciano Bonanni (telegraph townsman), Romano Milani (telegaph townsman), Mirko Bajocchi (accordian player), Renato Pinciroli (funeral preacher), Riccardo Pizzuti (poker player), Bruno Arié (poker player), Enrico Chiappafreddo (saloon brawler), Omero Capanna (saloon brawler), Franco Ukmar (saloon brawler), Franco Daddi, Alberto Dell'Acqua (saloon brawler), Angiolino Rizzieri
  • Story: Stefano Strucchi, Fausto Sacaceni
  • Screenplay: Alberto Areal, Francesco Martino, Bernardino Zapponi
  • Cinematography: Carlo Carlini [Eastmancolor - Cromoscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Producers: Gianni Hecht Lucari, Fausto Saraceni


Two drifters meet, and soon become travelling companions. But one of them, Tim (Gemma), is being chased by a crazed killer and his band of gunmen to settle an old score. The two (Adorf being the other) are chased through the west, encountering scrape after scrape until the killers catch up and the score is settled for good.


The film starts and ends in a quite violent way, but in-between turns into an episodic comedy about the growing, but troubled friendship between a crook and his slightly dumb partner, which foreshadows the Trinita films. The mixture of styles is a bit odd at times in this entertaining, but minor SW.

by Stanton


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