E venne il tempo di uccidere

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...e venne il tempo di uccidere (Italy 1968 / Director: Vincenzo Dell'Aquila)

Also known as

And Then a Time for Killing (USA) | Time and Place for Killing (USA) | Tequila Joe (English) | Einladung zum Totentanz (Germany) | La loi des colts (France) | Serif zvani cutura (Yugoslavia) | Irthe i ora na pethanis (Greece) | Chegou o Tempo de Matar (Brazil)
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Two rival gangs do battle with each other in a small town. The drunken sheriff isn't courageous enough to try and stop them but his newly arrived deputy is. The deputy manages to arrest most of the outlaws but transferring them to the fort and justice is another matter.


  • Cast (Italian): Jean Sobieski (Burt), Dragomir Bojanic [as Anthony Ghidra] (Sheriff "Tequila" Joe Donnen), Mimmo Palmara [as Dick Palmer] (Manuel Trianas), Furio Meniconi (Rock Mulligan), Eleonora Ruffo (Mulligan's daughter), Felicita Fanny [as Felicita Fanni] (Consuela), Mimo Billi (Rodriguez), Fidel Gonzáles (painter), Claudio Ruffini [as Claude Ruffin] (Mulligan henchman), Gilberto Galimberti (Trianas henchman), Raoul Lovecchio [as Raoul Amari] (Trianeas henchman carrying sign in funeral), Remo Capitani (Trianas henchman), Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia [as Giovanni Scratuglia], Paolo Figlia [as Frank Fargas] (Mulligan henchman), Fortunato Arena (Mulligan henchman), Max Fraser, Luciano Doria (Trianas henchman)
  • Uncredited actors: Eugenio Galadini (undertaker), Giulio Maculani (cavalry officer), Lina Franchi (Rodriguez's wife), Amerigo Castrighella (Mulligan henchman), Omero Capanna (Mulligan's daughter 1st body guard), Mauro Mannatrizio (Mulligan's daughter 2nd body guard), Alba Maiolini (Mulligan maid), Luciano Casamonica (Chico Rodriguez), Amerigo Santarelli (Pedro, bartender), Franco Daddi (Crawford brother), Marcello Meconizzi (Mexican in saloon)
  • Director: Vincenzo Dell'Aquila [as Vincent Eagle]
  • Screenplay: Vincenzo Dell'Aquila [as Enzo Dell'Aquila], Fernando Di Leo
  • Cinematography: Rino Filippini (Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1)
  • Music: Francesco De Masi
  • Song: "A Man Alone" sung by Raoul
  • Producers: Otello Cocchi, Renzo Renzi
  • Maestro d'armi: Giulio Maculani



Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 95 min

Release Dates

  • April 5, 1968 (Italy)

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