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This is a great and funny flick and definitely a must see not only for Spag Western fans. This movie doesn't take itself that serious and is completely made for Lee Van Cleef. But this isn't that bad, because Van Cleff plays his role as Sabata in such a great way. Another great appearance is the one of William Berger, probably one of his best. Although the plot isn't the greatest, it is still an entertaining film, because it doesn't need a deep and intelligent plot - there are Van Cleef and Berger. Another thing I liked really much was the music by Marcello Giombini, especially the main theme. --Lode 13:57, 21 August 2006 (CEST)


Spaghetti Western fans used to the likes of Django and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly might be taken by surprise when watching Sabata. True, the film does star spaghetti Western star Lee Van Cleef as the tight-lipped hero of the title, but it has a very different feel from the genre's traditional, Sergio Leone-derived style. Director/co-writer Gianfranco Parolini (alias Frank Kramer) takes things in a direction that seems to fall halfway between The Wild Wild West TV series and a James Bond movie; the film is packed with colorful characters, exotic weapons, and the action scenes that mix wild stunts with pyrotechnics. Parolini appropriately gives the film a light touch, playing up the colorful and humorous aspects while delivering the action. The end result is a little too long for this sort of light material, causing it to drag a bit in the middle, but it is too good-natured and entertaining to dislike. In short, Sabata is likely to make fun viewing for Euro-cult fans and anyone interested in an offbeat Western. (Author TBC)

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