El caballo del diablo Review

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  • Federico Curiel


  • Jorge Rivero
  • Narciso Busquets
  • Juan Miranda
  • Yolanda Ochoa
  • Linda Porto
  • Víctor Alcocer
  • Gloria Mestre
  • Queta Carrasco
  • Carlos León
  • Josefina Echánove
  • Maritza Olivares
  • Carlos Bravo y Fernández
  • Alfredo Gutiérrez
  • Jesús Gómez
Aimable guy dies to return as a devilish serial rapist
El caballo del diablo

El caballo del diablo

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Rancher Don Fernando and his sons Luciano and Esteban like going on singing and drinkin sprees. The occasional fighting and saloons beaten to smithereens don't spoil the fun in any way for them. This is transferred to the silver screen in a good humored way, comedy western style, shall we say.


But then Luciano goes hunting for a great black horse, indeed the noble animal of the title, to be found not much later dead and horribly maimed in a ravine. Don Fernando is just about to die from sorrow and asks the devil if he can get back his son. Not much later, Luciano is back like nothing happened. However, he is no longer the cheerful guy from earlier. Luciano is malicious and, after his resurrection, has a new hobby as a serial rapist. The devil dwells in him! What lucky coincidence that the brother of Don Fernando is a God fearing priest...

Fairly strange enchilada western that starts out as a comedy, but turns into a kind of "The Exorcist" in the wild west. Although the final is very predictable and trite, the film manages (without being good) to somewhat intrigue.

"El caballo del diablo" is a cheap western and contains hardly any gunplay. But the film has actor Jorge Rivero (of "Las Viboras Cambian the piel" and giallo "Malocchio") in the lead. He turns the amiable Luciano in a Satanic freak in effective fashion.

The version I saw came from Mexican television and could well have been cut. Regarding violence depicted on the screen, the film limits itself to fights. It could also be that it is merely the use suggestion in this regard. It would in any case be in line with the inexpensive production of this western, of which the potential is big, but only a small portion of it is actually substantiated into something memorable. --Bad Lieutenant 18:22, 1 November 2014 (CDT)

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