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El grito de la muerte

From The Spaghetti Western Database

This film is a hybrid of the Western and the fantastic genres.

El grito de la muerte (Mexico, 1959), Director: Fernando Méndez

  • Runtime: 77 min.
  • Release Dates: June 10, 1959

Also known as

The Living Coffin (USA) | Scream Of Death (USA)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Gastón Santos (Gastón), María Duval (María Elena García), Pedro de Aguillón (Coyote Loco), Carlos Ancira (Felipe), Carolina Barret (Clotilde), Antonio Raxel (Doctor (as Antonio S. Raxel)), Hortensia Santoveña (Doña María), Quintín Bulnes (Indio), José Chávez (Lencho), José Dupeyrón (Asesino de Lencho), Eugenia Galindo (Clemencia), Ana María Hernández (Ama de llaves), Cecilia Leger (Pueblerina), Hernán Vera (Cantinero), Guillermo Álvarez Bianchi (Don Emiliano)


Cowboy Gastón and his sidekick Coyote Loco stop at an eerie ranch to learn more of about a stone figure they've unearthed that depicts a crying woman. The ranch's odd, off-kilter residents tell them that the statue, and another one just like it, was created by a now-dead woman whose ghost has been sighted by local villagers … crying. Gastón and Coyote Loco are pulled into an action-packed, spine-tingling web of supernatural spookery and desperados out to unearth a secret vein of gold. Along the way, they cross Skeleton Swamp and bodies pile up while, somehow, coffins keep disappearing.

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