Esercito di cinque uomini, Un

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Un esercito di cinque uomini (Italy 1969 / Director: Don Taylor)

Also known as

The Five Man Army (USA) | Die Fünf Gefürchteten (Germany) | Die 5 Gefürchteten (Germany) | Die Fünf Gefürchteten und ein Hallelujah (Germany) | Un esercito di 5 uomini | Ejercito de cinco (Spain) | Der Dampfhammer (Germany) | Dicker, lass die Fetzen fliegen (Germany) | Ejercito de cinco (Spain) | 5 hommes armes (France) | Fem Professionella Män (Sweden) | Viiden miehen armeija (Finland) | 5 Kisilik ordu (Turkey) | Petorica u akciji (Yugoslavia) | Armáda pěti mužů (Czech Republic) | O Exército De 5 Homens (Brazil) | 五人の軍隊 (Japan) | Армия от петима души (Bulgaria)
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The movie is set during the Mexican Revolution in 1914. The Dutchman gathers his men for a major task: he wants to rob a military gold train. All five men have their own specialized skills and knowledge of dynamite and train robbery. Before they can start with their plan to rob the train, they rescue a leader of the rebellion from execution by the Mexican government troops. In a quiet place at the railroad track, they work out their plan to rob the gold train, which is heavily guarded by Mexican soldiers.


  • Cast (Italan): Peter Graves (Dutchman), Bud Spencer (Mesito/Panchito), Nino Castelnuovo (Luis Dominguez), James Daly (Augustus Bennett), Tetsuro Tamba (Samurai), Claudio Gora (Manuel Esteban), Carlo Alighiero (Captain Gutierrez), Giacomo Rossi-Stuart (Mexican officer), José Torres (Mexican spy), Marino Masé (train engineer), Annabella Andreoli (Perla), Daniela Giordano (Maria)
  • English version only: Dan Sturkie (carnival barker)
  • Uncredited actors: Luigi Bonos (priest), Pietro Torrisi (Mexican officer), Fortunato Arena (Commandant of execution squad), Dante Cleri (mayor of Pueblo), Gildo Di Marco (executed villager, Dutchman's 'family'), Steffen Zacharias (poker player), Tony Norton (Mexican officer at train), Artemio Antonini (prison guard), Osiride Pevarello (singing villager), Alberigo Donadeo (execution singer), Lina Franchi (execution singer), Alba Maiolini (execution singer), Dolores Calò (execution singer), Rafael Hernandez (Mexican w/garlic), Paolo Figlia (truck soldier), Franco Pasquetto (soldier), Bruno Ukmar (soldier), Bruno Arié (soldier), Franco Ukmar (soldier), Angelo Susani (soldier), Giovanni Ukmar (soldier), Giglio Gigli (soldier at knife throwing exhibit), Silvio Klein (man at knife throwing exhibit), Antonio Marcolini (man at knife throwing exhibit)
  • Director: Don Taylor [but see below]
  • Story: Dario Argento, Marc Richards
  • Screenplay: Dario Argento, Marc Richards
  • Cinematography: Enzo Barboni [Metrocolor - Deltavision 1,85:1]
  • Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Producer: Italo Zingarelli



  • This SW was most likely directed by the American TV director Don Taylor, even if many sources claim that it was in fact shot by producer Italo Zingarelli. Dario Argento and Peter Graves have stated that Taylor was the director just like credited, but on the other hand actress Daniela Giordano remembers Taylor only being there on the first day of shooting before Zingarelli took over.

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 105 min.

Release Dates

  • October 16, 1969 (Italy)

Filming locations

Production and business


  • Bud Spencer was dubbed by a voice actor in the Italian version.

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