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Garringo 1969 Rafael Romero Marchent

Garringo (Spain, Italy 1969 / Director: Rafael Romero Marchent)

Also known as

Dead Are Countless (U.S.A.) | Garringo: I morti non si contano (Italy) | Jugando a morir (Spain) | Garringo - Der Henker (Germany)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Anthony Steffen [Antonio de Teffe](Lieutenant 'Garringo' Harris), Peter Lee Lawrence (Johnny), Solvi Stubing (Julie), José Bodalo (Sheriff Klaus), Raf Baldassarre (Damon), Frank Braña (Bill), Antonio Molino Rojo (Harriman, bounty hunter), Marta Monterey (Nancy Grayson), Barta Barri [as Barta Barry](Wilson, saloon owner), A. Lawrence (Johnny as a boy), Maribel del Pozo (Julie as a girl), Luis Induni (Doctor Grayson), Xan das Bolas (Potter), Guillermo Mendez (Johnny's henchman), Lorenzo Robledo (Tom), Carlos Romero Marchent (Bob, young cowboy), Rossana Rovere (Sarah), Tito Garcia (Ted), Luis Marin (Pete, bounty hunter), Beni Deus (Johnny's father), Alfonso Rojas (Colonel), Ángel Menendez (officer), Mario Morales (telegraph operator), Joaquín Solis (soldier), José Moreno, Luis Barboo
  • Story: Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent, Giovanni Scolaro
  • Screenplay: Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent, Giovanni Scolaro, Arpad De Riso
  • Cinematography: Aldo Ricci [Eastmancolor - Cromoscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Marcello Giombini
  • Producer: Berto Solino


Johnny was mentally traumatised when he witnessed as a child the killing of his father (a deserter) by a group of soldiers. As an adult he randomly kills every soldier he gets hold of, so that the army sends out the brutish Lieutenant Garringo to stop Johnny.

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  • This good looking western is probably the best genre contribution of the Marchent brothers. Not every aspect of the potential of this more untypical story about a traumatised killer and his similar violent hunter was exploited to the best advantage, and a few characters are also a bit old-fashioned, but there are enough interesting scenes and ideas along the way to make Garringo a fine SW. (by Stanton)
  • Garringo is an undeservingly lesser known effort by spaghetti western director Rafael Romero Marchent. Anthony Steffen stars as a rogue army lieutenant tracking Johnny (Peter Lee Lawrence), the crazed son of a soldier killed as a traitor, when he was a child. Johnny has a split personality and murders soldiers and leaves their lapels on his father's grave. When he's not killing soldiers he's a complete gentleman. Johnny was raised by the now sheriff of Bell City, who is confronted with loyalty to his stepson or his duty. There's plenty of familiar faces here and a nice score to help the movie along.

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