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Fernand cow-boy

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Fernand cow-boy (France 1956 / Director: Guy Lefranc)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Fernand cowboy.jpg

Also known as

El conquistador de Texas (Spain) | Fernand Cowboy

Cast and crew

  • Actors: Fernand Raynaud (Fernand Mignot), Dora Doll (Mae Marlane), Nadine Tallier (Any), Noël Roquevert (Le shérif), Pierre Dudan (Walter Black), Jess Hahn (Jim Harlan, Saloon manager), Jean-Roger Caussimon (Castor Prudent/Prudent Beaver), Françoise Favier (Orissa), Bernard Noël (Jerry/Terry), Hubert Deschamps (Le Maire/Mayor), Pierre Dudan (William/Walter Black Henchman), sheriff (Noel Roquevert), Gerald Cuenot (as Jim Gerald)(Richardson), Marc Taylor (violinist), Alber Michel (guard), Jean-Marie Amato (Black henchman), Amedee, Jean Lara, Bernard Noel, André Weber (Black henchman), Felix Miquet, Raoul Billerey
  • Story: Yvan Audouard, Jean Redon
  • Screenplay: Yvan Audouard, Jean Redon
  • Cinematography: Maurice Barry [black & white]
  • Music: Louis Guglielmi (as Louiguy)
  • Producer: Francoise Chavane [Cinéphonic, SGGC, Pathé Cinéma]


Fernand Mignot inherits a saloon from his American uncle. Fernand immediately leaves France for Carson City, Texas. After a diligence attack by the indians he arrives and meets the saloon manager and his wife. They want to own the saloon so they plot against Fernand and take advantage of the murder of old Richardson to accuse Fernand. Imprisoned by the sheriff he must be hanged. But holder of a secret treasure, he is abducted by public enemy No. 1: William Black, he would face being tortured without the arrival of the sheriff. Finally the love of a nice Indian girl, Orissa consoles Fernand from his pain.

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