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Figli di Zanna Bianca, I

From The Spaghetti Western Database

This film takes place in contemporary Italy. It is listed as a Spaghetti Western because of its relation to earlier Zanna Bianca movies.

I figli di Zanna Bianca (Italy 1974 / Director: Maurizio Pradeaux)

Figli di zanna bianca.jpg Contents:

  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Release Date: 16.5.1974

Also known as

Zwei Babysitter auf acht Pfoten (Germany)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Sal Borgese, Ileana Rigano, Piero Fabiani, Danny Ribol, Antonio Maimone, Claudia Bianchi, Gualtiero Rispoli, Luciano Rossi, Alessandro Perrella, Carla Mancini, Rossana Palazzone, Claudio Giorgi

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