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Figli di Zanna Bianca, I/OST

From The Spaghetti Western Database

< Figli di Zanna Bianca, I

SonsZannaBianca GDM.gif

  • GDM Club 7120 / Stereo
  • Composer: Stelvio Cipriani
  • 8-page color booklet with liner notes in Italian, poster, single cover + film stills
  • Limited Edition


Track listing:

  1. Dik And Buk (Titoli)
  2. Kidnappening
  3. I Figli Di Zana Bianca - Seq. 1
  4. Dik And Buk
  5. I Figli Di Zana Bianca - Seq. 2
  6. Dik And Buk (Piano Solo)
  7. Kidnappening
  8. Dik And Buk
  9. Dik And Buk
  10. Kidnappening
  11. Dik And Buk
  12. Dik And Buk
  13. Dik And Buk
  14. Dik And Buk
  15. Dik And Buk
  16. Dik And Buk
  17. Dik And Buk (Finale)
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