Fiume di dollari, Un

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Un fiume di dollari (Italy 1966 / Director: Carlo Lizzani)

Also known as

The Hills Run Red (USA) | Eine Flut von Dollars (Germany) | Sangre en las colinas (Spain) | Un rio de dolares (Spain) | Du sang dans la montagne (France) | Plamena Reka (Turkey) | En flod av dollar (Sweden) | Sangue nas Montanhas (Brazil) | Ena potami dollaria (Greece) | Dollarivirta (Finland) | Balík dolarů (Czech Republic) | A vingança do Condenado (Portugal) | 帰って来たガンマン Kaettekita Gunman (Japan) | A River of Dollars
The Hills Run Red movie poster


Two Confederate soldiers survive the War and swipe an army payroll. To escape, one of them plays decoy while the other flees with the loot. The decoy is captured and sentenced to five years in prison. After he has served his sentence, he is dismayed and enraged when he discovers that his "pal" has broken his word and is responsible for his wife's death. He seeks his ex-friend for revenge, but this one has become wealthy and powerful, and his killers are already waiting for the avenger.


  • Cast (International): Thomas Hunter (Jerry Brewster), Henry Silva (Garcia Mendez), Dan Duryea (Winny Getz), Nando Gazzolo (Ken Seagall/Milton), Nicoletta Machiavelli (Mary Ann), Gianna Serra (Hattie/Abby Gardner), Loris Loddi (Tim Brewster), Geoffrey Copleston (Brian Horner), Sandro Dori (saloon barker), Guido Celano (Jonathon Burger, farrier), Paolo Magalotti (Stayne, Horner bouncer), Gianluigi Crescenzi (Carson), Tiberio Mitri (Union sergeant), Lucio De Santis (Juan, Mendez henchman), Fiorella Ferraro (blonde at party), Guglielmo Spoletini (Pedro, Mendez henchman), Vittorio Bonos (1st gambler), Pietro Ceccarelli [as Puccio Ceccarelli] (Wolf, Mendez henchman), Goffredo Matassi (gambler), Mirko Valentin (Sancho, Mendez henchman), Piero Morgia (Randall, Mendez henchman), Mauro Mannatrizio (Mitch, Union soldier), John M. Gaskins (fort Wilson sergeant), Luigi Scavran (gambler)
  • Uncredited & Background actors: Paolo Figlia (Union soldier), Pietro Torrisi (Union soldier), Angelo Boscariol (Union soldier), Gofreddo Unger (ceremony colonel), Renzo Pevarello (Mendez henchman), Osiride Pevarello (Mendez henchman), Sergio Sagnotti (Mendez henchman), Jeff Cameron (Mendez henchman), Rinaldo Zamperla (Mendez henchman), Raniero Dorascenzi (saloon patron), Aldo Formisano (saloon patron), Altiero Di Giovanni (saloon patron), Aristide Caporale (saloon patron), Joaquín Solís (Fort Wilson soldier), Alberigo Donadeo (Milton cowboy)
  • Director: Carlo Lizzani [as Lee W. Beaver]
  • Story: Piero Regnoli [as Dean Craig]
  • Screenplay: Piero Regnoli [as Dean Craig]
  • Cinematography: Antonio Secchi [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Ennio Morricone [as Leo Nichols]
  • Song: "Home to My Love" sung by Gino
  • Producers: Luigi Carpentieri, Ermano Donati
  • Master of Arms: Gofreddo Unger



Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 90 min
  • An Italian and an American/International version exist. The American version has a double Happy Ending by inserting a few shots which clearly don't belong there. The available DVDs include the American version only. At the moment it seems that the original Italian version has only survived in weak VHS quality.
  • Koch's DVD shows a scene at the Beginning where Brewster is beaten up by the Union Soldiers. The German dub changes to Italian for a second, and the soldiers tell him to get lost, it then changes back to German and they continue beating him up.

Release Dates

  • September 9, 1966 (Italy)

Production and business

  • Box office:
    • (1966) 524 (Italy, in million lira)

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