Fiume di dollari, Un/OST

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  • Quartet Records QRSCE007 / Stereo
  • Composer: Ennio Morricone
  • 12-page color booklet with liner notes, film stills + poster
  • Limited to 1000 copies


Track listing:

  1. Home To My Love (Vocal: Gino)
  2. The Hills Run Red
  3. Fifteen Miles To Prison
  4. Fiesta del Sol
  5. Dreams Into Dust
  6. Ecstasy Of Strings
  7. Memories Of Rebecca
  8. The Fury Of Fire
  9. The River Of Dollars
  10. Five Card Draw
  11. The Girl With The Golden Hair
  12. Doing Time
  13. Blind Obsession
  14. Vindication
  15. Home To My Love (#2) (Vocal: Gino)
  16. Un fiume di dollari
  17. Quel giorno verrà (Vocal: Gino)
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