Forca per un bastardo, Una

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Una forca per un bastardo (Italy 1968 / Director: Amasi Damiani)

  • Runtime: 82 min
  • Release Date: 13.12.1968 (Germany)

Also known as

Eine Kugel für den Bastard (Germany) | Wyoming Connection (Germany) | A Rope for a Bastard | Who killed Abraham Iverson (working title) | Uma Forca Para Um Bastardo (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Mimmo Palmara [as Dick Palmer] (Sheriff Alan Phillip), Caterina Trentini [as Katleen Parker] (Margie Hernandez), Barth Warren (Bob Evans), Josyane Gibert [as Monica Mills] (Susan/Annie), Livio Lorenzon (Foster), Gualtiero Rispoli (Hernandez), Francesco De Leone [as Francesco M. De Leoni] (Jerry, mailman), Fortunato Arena (town bully), Piero Mazzinghi (Walt, accused stranger), Leo De Ny, Aldo Bonamano (Rod, gravedigger), Mirella Panfili, Stelio Tanzini (Pitt, jailbird), Nicola Giarmoleo [as Lemmy Carson on posters](man who stops lynching), Anna Degli Uberti [as Anny Degli Uberti] (Annie Law), Walter Neng [as Walter Neg] (Doc Smith), Ivan Basta (Foster lieutenant), Franco Lo Verde (George, storekeeper), Renato Lupi (Lorry, attorney), Loris Zanchi (Crosby)
  • also with: Pino Sciacqua (Annie Law’s caretaker), Margherita Horowitz (Ben’s wife), Marcello Meconizzi (party brawler), Alberigo Donadeo (party brawler), Walter Richmond (poster credit. maybe Walter Neng ?)
  • Screenplay: Alberto Damiani
  • Cinematography: Angelo Baistrocchi [Eastmancolor, Widescreen]
  • Music: Michele Lacerenza [German credits: Berto Pisano]
  • Producer: [German credits: Silvio Sanzon, unverified]


A sheriff saves a possibly innocent man from the gallows, protects the stranger from his accusers and investigates a rancher's killing to try to find the real murderer.


Disappeared after production and never released in Italy initially, but was released in Germany and later released in Italy.