Fuerte perdido

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Fuerte perdido (Spain 1965 / Director: José María Elorrieta [as J. Douglas])

Also known as

Asalto al Fuerte Apache (Spain) | I rinnegati di Fort Grant (Italy) | L'attaque de Fort Grant (France) | Höllenfahrt nach Golden City (Germany) | Kovboylar Kanunu (Turkey) | Ratna staza (Hungary) | Doomed Fort (USA) | Massacre at Fort Grant (UK) | Dodendans der Apachen (Belgium) | Fort Grant i flammer (Denmark) | Indian Killer (Sweden) | Massacre at Fort Perdition (Sweden) | Massacre no Forte da Perdição (Portugal) | Adistaktos prodotis (Greece) | Forte Perdido (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Germán Cobos [as Jerry Cobb/George Gordon](Paul Driscoll), Marta May [as Martha Hyer] (Mary Donovan), Mariano Vidal Molina [as Mariano Vidal/William Mender] (Jeffrey Wall), Hugo Pimintel [as Hugh Pepper] (Sergeant Blake), Guillermo Méndez (Captain Jeremy Nixon), Julio Pérez Tabernero [as Jim Pérez/John Sullivan] (Lieutenant Irwin Anson), Ethel Rojo (Tabalee), María Saavedra (Julie, saloon girl), Manuel Torremocha, Aldo Sambrell (James, smuggler), Rosario Royo [as Roy Rogers] (Lucy, storekeeper), Luis Villar (homesteader driving Mary), Santiago Rivero (prosecutor), Rufino Inglés (tribunal judge), Cris Huerta (Tucson barman), Rafael Albaicín (Geronimo), Ángel Ortiz (homesteader), Vicente Tormos, Ángel Celdrán, Javier Inglés (young soldier), José Guardiola [as Joe Gardner] (homesteader)
  • Also with: Ángel Menéndez (tribunal officer), Luis Barboo (homesteader), Frank Braña (John, homesteader), José Luis Lluch (homesteader), Alfonso de la Vega (homesteader), José Luis Lluch (homesteader), Roman Ariznavarreta (Lieutenant)
  • Story: José Luis Navarro, José Maria Elorrieta
  • Screenplay: José Luis Navarro [as Lewis Navarre], José Maria Elorrieta [as J. Douglas/Joseph E. Lacy]
  • Cinematography: Pablo Ripol [as Paul Rippel] [Eastmancololr - Galascope]
  • Music: Fernando García Morcillo [as Fred García]
  • Songs: "Volvere", "Caravanna" + "Camino del Sur" sung by Maruchy Taylor + José Guardiola
  • Producer: José Maria Elorrieta [as Joe Gamble]


An ex-soldier and his bride, sole survivors of an attack by Geronimo and his Apache band, explain how it happened at his court martial trial for being a traitor.


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