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Gentleman Jo... uccidi (Italy, Spain 1967 / Director: Giorgio Stegani [as George Finley])

  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Release Date: 14.8.1967
  • Filming locations: Fraga - Huesca

Also known as

Ehi... Gentleman Joe... frega il morto e... spara al vivo (Italy, mid '70s re-release) | Gentleman Jo (Spain) | Gentleman Killer (France) | Gentleman Joe - Der Rächer bin ich (German) | Django - Die Totenliste im Gepäck (Germany) | Shamango (Germany) | Caballero vengador (Spain) | Gefsi apo ekdikisi (Greece) | Gentleman Jo...Mata! (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Antonio de Teffe [as Anthony Steffen](Gentleman Joe Reese / Shamango), Eduardo Fajardo (Colonel Fernando Ferreras), Silvia Solar (Vicky), Frank Oliveras (Morrison), Mariano Vidal Molina [as Vidal Molina](Captain Clay Reese), Anna Orso (Ruth Morrison), Joaquin Blanco (Sam), Benito Stefanelli (Larry, Ferreras lieutenant), Antonio Iranzo (Bruce 'Monkey Face'), Angel Lombarte [as Angel Lombarde](jailed Ferreras henchman), Tomás Torres (Torres, Ferreras henchman), Luis Barboo (Ferreras henchman), Gaspar González (Jefferson), Juan Torres (Fred, bartender), Valentino Macchi, Ricardo Moyán (Ferreras henchman), César Ojinaga (Mexican officer), Raúl Aparici, Carlos Frigola, Alberto Gadea, José Jalufi [as José Halufi], Isidro Martín
  • Story: Jaime Jesús Balcazar [as J.J. Blacazar]
  • Screenplay: Jaime Jesus Balcazar [as J.J. Balcazar], Melchiade Coletti [Italian dialogue]
  • Cinematography: Francisco Marín [Eastmancolor - CinemaScope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Bruno Nicolai
  • Song: "Gold and Power" sung by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
  • Producer: Alvaro Mancori


Anthony Steffen fills the handcrafted boots of the titular Gentleman Killer. Operating in a dusty border town, hired gun Steffen takes on a ruthless outlaw gang. The crooks prove no match for the G.K., who plays just as dirty as they do. This sort of thing will be new to anyone who's never seen The Magnificent Seven (1960) or A Fistful of Dollars (1964). That's not to say that Gentleman Killer isn't entertaining... merely that it's hardly innovational.

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