Giorno del giudizio, Il

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Il giorno del giudizio (Italy 1971 / Director: Mario Gariazzo)

Also known as

Drummer of Vengeance (USA) | Day of Judgment (USA) | Doomsday (UK) | An Eye for an Eye (UK) | Tambores de venganza (Spain) | Ojo por ojo (Spain, video title) | El día del juicio (Spain, video title) | La venganza del extranjero (Spain, video title) | Zeig mir das Spielzeug des Todes (Germany) | Tag der Vergeltung (Germany) | Le jour du jugement (France) | For en Handfull Dynamit (Sweden) | Dodens Hamnare (Sweden) | Olho por olho, dente por dente (Brazil) | O Dia Do Julgamento (Brazil) | Kuoleman rummut (Finland) | Kuolemanloukku (Finland) | T' Onoma mou einai edikisi (Greece) | Sudnji Dan (Croatia) | Glasnik Osvete (Yugoslavia)
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Hardin is out for revenge after his wife and child are killed and his home burned. He hunts down the gang using his son's toy drummer to signal the shootout while also in search for their leader.


  • Cast (French): Ty Hardin (The Stranger), Rossano Brazzi (sheriff), Edda Di Benedetto (Prairie Flower), Craig Hill (O'Connor), Rosalba Neri (Rising Sun), Gordon Mitchell (Norton, 1st deputy), Pinuccio Ardia (Mr. Higgins), Antonio Monselesan [as Tony Norton] (spear victim), Nello Palladino (town official), Ugo Adinolfi (poker victim), Raf Baldassarre (Jason), Ferdinando Poggi [as Nando Poggi] (henchman in wagon), Federico Boido [as Rick Boyd] (Burt), Riccardo Pizzuti (henchman at waterfall), Guido Lollobrigida [as Lee Burton] (Clay), Umberto Raho (mayor), Stelio Candelli (Deputy Steve Miller), Aldo Sala (hotel victim), Bruno Corazzari (Bill, henchman in wagon), Gaetano Scala (circus Indian), Fedele Gentile (town official), Attilio Severini (Steve Miller henchman), William Mayor (John Mason), Luigi Tropeano, Vittorio Moroni, Nino Vingelli (poker player), Adriano Vitale (hanging deputy), Giovanni Cianfriglia [as Ken Wood] (Blackie)
  • Uncredited actors: Giuseppe Castellano (Deputy Bill Jenkins), Gianfranco Clerici (deputy at waterfall), Tony Stevens (bartender), Vincenzo De Palo (townsman), Ugo Ballester (townsman), Jenny Atkins (circus girl), Renata Black (circus girl), Patricia Patterson (dancing girl), Marilyn Rubi (dancing girl), Luciano Vincenzi (town official), Robert Whitman (town official), Paolo Perone (town official)
  • Director: Mario Gariazzo [as Robert Paget (English version)]
  • Story: Mario Gariazzo
  • Screenplay: Franco Daniele, Mario Gariazzo, Nello Rossati
  • Cinematography: Alvaro Lanzoni [Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Claudio Tallino
  • Producer: Mario Gariazzo [as Robert Paget (English version)]



  • This movie was re-released in 1974 in a shorter version and with a new editing. This new version was the one released in some countries like Spain, although the original one was also released in VHS and Betamax.

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 98 min

Release Dates

  • September 9, 1971 (Italy)

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