Goldsucher von Arkansas, Die

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Die Goldsucher von Arkansas (West Germay, France, Italy 1964 / Directors: Paul Martin, Alberto Cardone)

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 20.11.1964

Also known as

Alla conquista dell'Arkansas (Italy) | Les Chercheurs d'or de l'Arkansas (France) | Conquerors of Arkansas (U.K.) | Massacre at Marble City (U.S.A.) | Sangre en la pradera (Spain) | Los forajidos de Arkansas (Spain) | Zlatokopové z Arkansasu (Czechoslovakia) | O Vingador De Arkansas (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Mario Adorf (Matt Ellis), Brad Harris (Phil Stone), Horst Frank (Dan McCormick), Dorothee Parker (Jane Brendel), Olga Schoberová (as Olly Schoberova)(Mary Brendel), Dieter Borsche (Pastor Benson), Ralf Wolter (Tim Fletcher), Thomas Alder (Erik Brendel), Serge Marquand (Fielding), Marianne Hoppe (Mrs. Brendel), Philippe Lemaire (Jim Donavan), Joseph Egger (Fishbury), Fulvia Franco (Ilona), Anthony Steel (Lopez), Voyo Goric (as Wojo Govedarizu)(Big Wolf), Carla Calò (as Carrol Brown), Jan Diviš (Chief Burning Arrow), Jaroslav Rozsíval (Sheriff Anderson), Jiří Holý (bandit) (uncredited), Karel Hábl (uncredited), Vladimír Hrubý (uncredited), Jan Pohan (uncredited), Miloš Vavruška (uncredited), František Žák (uncredited), Jiří Lánský (uncredited), Julian Veder, Heinz Engelmann (voice of Phil Stone)(uncredited)
  • Story: “Die Regulatoren von Arkansas” by Friedrich Gerstäcker
  • Screenplay: Hans Billian, Herbert Reinecker (as Alex Berg), Werner P. Zibaso, Nino Scolaro
  • Cinematography: Jan Stallich [Eastmancolor, Ultrascope]
  • Music: Francesco De Masi (Italian version), Heinz Gietz (German version)
  • Songs: “Viel Gold und keine Freunde” sung by Ralf Paulsen, “Non sparate sul cantante” sung by ?
  • Editor: Herbert Taschner
  • Production Designer: Jan Zázvorka
  • Costume Designer: Fernand Vácha
  • Producers: Mario Siciliano, Wolf C. Hartwig


There's something positively monolithic about the title Massacre at Marble City. The film's status as a western is, however, given away by its alternate title, Conquerors of Arkansas. And its country of origin is revealed by its original title, Die Goldsucher von Arkansas. Brad Harris and Horst Frank star in this German actioner, wherein all heroes and villains converge upon Marble City for a cathartic shoot-out. Until we saw production stills of Massacre at Marble City, we didn't know that the Alps were in Arkansas.


West European coproduce project (West Germany - Italy - France Co-Production) was shooted on locations of former Czechoslovakia (today Czech Republic). Exteriors were shooted mainly around the valley of river Berounka and in two stone pits called Amerika (America) and Alcazar. Interiors were shooted in Barrandov Studios in Prague and also in woody construction of western town on grassfield behind the Barrandov Studios that was originally constructed for Oldřich Lipský's Limonádový Joe (Lemonade Joe, 1964). In Die Goldsucher von Arkansas played several Czech actors in small or episodic roles (Jaroslav Rozsíval, Jan Diviš, Jiří Holý, Jan Pohan, Miloš Vavruška, Vladimír Hrubý, Karel Hábl). Main female part played by Czech actress Olga Schoberová who during the sixties and at the beginning of seventies played mainly in West German and Italian co-production genre movies. Among to another Czech technicians who collaborated on this project is cinematographer Jan Stallich (who during the thirties, forties and fifties worked in Italy and West Germany on movies of various genres by various directors), production designer Jan Zázvorka, costume designer Fernand Vácha and stuntmen František Žák and Jiří Lásnký. Another curiosity of this project is music, because at this movie are in various resources credited two composers: Italian composer Francesco De Masi and West German composer Heinz Gietz. Original back cover of soundtrack to this movie edited by Italian label Beat Records in 1980 in LP presents these informations: all music for this film composed by Francesco De Masi with participation of two musicians, harmonica player Franco De Gemini and whistle player and choir conductor Alessandro Alessandroni. German composer Heinz Giets composed based on informations on LP back cover only two themes: principal theme called "Alla conquista dell'Arkansas" (and it's instrumental variations) and song "Non sparare sul cantante". All songs in this musical score sung by Italian songstress Giulia De Mutiis, wife of Alessandro Alessandroni. Music for this movie was recorded in january 1965 in Rome.

By Jan Švábenický


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