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Goldsucher von Arkansas, Die/OST

From The Spaghetti Western Database

< Goldsucher von Arkansas, Die


  • Beat Records CDCR 94 / Mono
  • Composers: Francesco De Masi + Heinz Gietz
  • 8-page color booklet with liner notes, poster + film stills
  • Limited to 500 copies


Track listing:

  1. Alla Conquista Dell'arkansas (Composer: Heinz Gietz)
  2. Arkansas Suspense
  3. Scherzo Western
  4. Arkansas Commento No. 1
  5. Arkansas Commento No. 2
  6. Alla Conquista Dell'arkansas (Composer: Heinz Gietz)
  7. Yucca Theme
  8. Arkansas Commento No. 3
  9. Arkansas Commento No. 4
  10. Armonica Western
  11. Arkansas Commento No. 5
  12. Arkansas Commento No. 6
  13. Non Sparate Sul Cantante (Composer: Heinz Gietz)
  14. Arkansas Commento No. 7
  15. Arkansas Commento No. 8
  16. Alla Conquista Dell'arkansas (Composer: Heinz Gietz)
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