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Il grande duello (Italy · Germany · France 1972 / Director: Giancarlo Santi)

Also known as

The Grand Duel (USA) | Storm Rider (USA) | Hell's Fighters (UK) | Drei Vaterunser für vier Halunken (Germany) | O Grande Duelo (Portugal) | El gran duelo (Spanish) | Gran duello al amanecer (Spain) | Le grand duel (France) | Den Stora Duellen (Sweden) | Suuri kaksintaistelu (Finland) | Sabata, o Justiceiro (Brazil) | Keravnos kato apo ton ilio (Greece) | Monomahia mehri thanatou (Greece) | Veliki dvoboj (Yugoslavia) | Velký souboj (Czech Republic) | O Ultimo Grande Duelo (Brazil) | Големият дуел (Bulgaria) | 怒りのガンマン/銀山の大虐殺 (Japan) | ガンファイター (Japan) | The Big Showdown | The Loner | The Great Duel
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The titular duel pits hard-bitten gunslinger Clayton (Lee Van Cleef) against the equally gritty Saxon (Horst Frank). Before this takes place, however, Clayton champions the cause of Newland (Peter O'Brien) a young punk who'd been framed on a murder charge. One of the beauties of the spaghetti western genre is that there were seldom any clearly defined Good or Bad Guys. This helped to keep the audience guessing as to the ultimate outcome of the film, thereby increasing the entertainment value tenfold.


  • Cast (Italian): Lee Van Cleef (Sheriff Clayton), Alberto Dentice [as Peter O'Brien] (Phillip Vermeer/Newland), Horst Frank (David Saxon / Patriarch), Jess Hahn (Big Horse / Anthony Peacock), Klaus Grünberg (Adam Saxon / Jeff), Antonio Casale [as Antony Vernon] (Hoak / Hole / Skinny), Marc Mazza (Eli Saxon / Joe Buck), Dominique Darel (Elisabeth), Alessandra Cardini [as Sandra Cardini] (Anita), Gastone Pescucci (Borghese), Elvira Cortese (Madame Oro), Anna-Maria Gherardi (Saxon's girl), Hans Terofal (Jo Barrel), Salvatore Baccaro (Saxon henchman in saloon), Remo Capitani [as Ray O'Connor] (Saxon henchman), Memè Perlini [as Amelio Perlini] (young long haired Saxon henchman), Piergiorgio Plebani (Saxon henchman blocking saloon door), Giancarlo Badessi (one-eyed waystation owner), Luigi Antonio Guerra, Maria Teresa Piaggio (Saxon City hotelier), Vittorio Sancisi, Franco Balducci (Bull's friend), Giovanni Filidoro (Old John), Giovanni Cianfriglia, Michelangelo Mastroni, Angelo Susani (bounty killer), Gianni Di Segni (older Saxon henchman w/Patriarch & at hanging), Clemente Cipriano, Luigi Masinori, Mimmo Rizzo (red haired bounty hunter), Giorgio Trestini (Bull), Furio Meniconi (hangman), Luigi Scavran (Saxon City citizen watching argument)
  • Uncredited actors: Mimmo Crao (young long haired Saxon bouncer), Sergio Sagnotti (bounty hunter), Ottorino Polentini (bounty killer), Maurizio Streccioni (saloon guest), Angelo Boscariol (saloon guest), Aldo Formisano (Saxon City resident), Massimo Ciprari (Saxon City resident), Anna Manduchi (Saxon City hanging observer), Giovanna Sanfilippo (Saxon City hanging observer)



  • Dentice was paid 3 million lire.
  • Jo Barrell (played by Hans Terofal) speaks some German (at least in the English dub)

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 100 min
  • UK version cut by 3-5 seconds for animal cruelty
  • German DVD is slightly cut
  • IMDb lists 98min runtime
  • The German version, while not actually longer, is cut slightly differently with minor deviations in footage, as a comparison included on the Arrow Video BluRay illustrates
  • Comparison VHS-DVD (Deutsch)

Release Dates

  • December 29, 1972 (West Germany)
  • February 9, 1973 (Italy)

Filming locations

  • Pisa; Eliios Films...

Production and business

  • Co-produced by Mount Street Films (Rome), Corona Films (Munich), Terra Films (Berlin) and Societé Nouvelle de Cinematographie (Paris)


  • Dentice didn't dub himself.

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