Guns of the Revolution

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Guns Of The Revolution (USA, Spain 1971 / Arthur Lubin)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Gunsoftherevolution.jpg Contents:

  • Runtime:
  • Release Date: 1971

Also known as

Canones de la revolucion (Mexico) | Rain for a Dusty Summer (U.S.A.) | Pioggia in una estate arida - Padre Pro (Italy) | Keine Zeit zum Sterben (Germany) | Die Herausforderung (Germany) | Miguel Pro (Spain)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Ernest Borgnine (El General, dictator), Humberto Almazan (Miguel 'Coco' Pro), Sancho Gracia (Humberto Pro), Vicente Sangiovanni (Luis), Nela Conjiu (Señora Pro), Aldo Sambrell (Colonel Marinos), Harry Harris (Jo Weiler), Maida Severn (Señora Altera), Gemma Cuervo (Leurela), Marta Flores (Margarita), Tina Sáinz (Anna Pro), Asunción Vitoria [as Maria Sunción Victoria](Lisa / Nita, maid), Florencio Calpe (Rector), Martín Porras (Roberto Pro), Manuel Bronchud (news vendor), Carlos Casaravilla (Captain Larrera, prison), Guillermo Mendez (policeman on horseback), Gaspar González (priest hunting policeman), Gustavo Re (prison guard), Ángel Álvarez (bishop), Manuel Muñiz (Armando), Ángel Lombarte (palace policeman)
  • Story: Franklin Lacey
  • Screenplay: G.B. Buscemi, Julius Evans
  • Cinematography: Manuel Serra [as Manuel Berenguer] [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Wade Denning
  • Producer: Joseph P. Mawra


Ernest Borgnine is a fearsome provincial governor who terrorizes the residents of the sizeable chunk of Old Mexico he rules. When he is challenged by a seemingly mild-mannered priest wanting to stop government soldiers from destroying missions, it results in an unusual confrontation between the two dissimilar men.

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