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Hannie Caulder

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Hannie Caulder (UK 1971 / Director: Burt Kennedy)

Also known as

In einem Sattel mit dem Tod (Germany) | La Texana e i fratelli Penitenza (Italy) | Un colt pour trois salopards (France) | Osveta Hane Holder | Ana Coulder (Spain - to be confirmed) | Shots of Vengeance (Super8 extraction) | Hannie Caulderová (Czech Republic) | Hannie Caulder - Desejo De Vingança (Brazil) | 女ガンマン 皆殺しのメロディ Onna gunman minagoroshi no melody DVD title (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Raquel Welch (Hannie Caulder), Robert Culp (Thomas Luther Price), Ernest Borgnine (Emmett Clemens), Christopher Lee (Bailey), Jack Elam (Frank Clemens), Strother Martin (Rufus Clemens), Diana Dors (madame), Luis Barboo (uncredited), Aldo Sambrell (Mexican Captain), Stephen Boyd ('The Preacher'), Sam Adams (Brian Lightburn), Bud Strait (Jim Caulder)
  • Story: Peter Cooper
  • Screenplay: David Haft & Burt Kennedy (as Z.X. Jones)
  • Cinematography: Edward Scaife [Eastmancolor, Panavision]
  • Music: Ken Thorne
  • Song: "Life's Never Peaceful" sung by Bobby Hanna
  • Producer: Robert Goodstein


The simple plot of this film revolves around Welch, Hannie Caulder, a frontier wife whose husband is murdered by the Clemens Brothers, a trio of rather inept outlaw brothers, played by Borgnine, Martin and Elam. The Clemens Brothers rape her, burn down her house, and leave her for dead. While the Clemens Brothers go on low-brow crime spree, Welch's character recruits a professional bounty hunter named Thomas Price, played by Culp, to help her seek revenge by training her to use a gun.


Christopher Lee portrays the gunsmith who builds Welch a specialized revolver for her journey ahead. Diana Dors takes on the role of a prostitute in this feature, while Boyd has a brief appearance as a gunfighter known simply as "The Preacher", and Aldo Sambrell, the famous Spanish actor, has a cameo as a Mexican soldier.


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