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What this website is all about

This website is a database/encyclopedia for all things related to Spaghetti Westerns (western movies produced in Italy). We gather all available information and media about these films, the people related to them, available DVDs and music. We also provide news, reviews and links.

How this website works

This website is a wiki, and just like the popular Wikipedia, it is constantly being edited and extended by a team of official and unofficial editors. All pages can be edited by anyone with an account. The Spaghetti Western Database lets anyone with an account edit all pages of the database. Previously, an account in the Forum was needed, this is no longer necessary. Just create and account or log in (top right corner) and start adding information, correct mistakes or upload pictures. Just like that. A growing number of editors and a peer review process ensure the high standard this website holds itself to.

Who stands behind this effort

This website was created as a sister site to The Quentin Tarantino Archives ( by Sebastian Haselbeck, then a college student. It has evolved into the most popular online resource for fans of the genre, and is now actively supported by over a dozen active editors and many more community members. It is free of use for anyone, the only revenue it generates is used to cover bills and purchase technology and media to improve the website.

THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Its functionality and content are currently undergoing extension, correction or improvement. Check back later or help us finish the job. Thank you.