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THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Its functionality and content are currently undergoing extension, correction or improvement. Check back later or help us finish the job. Thank you.

A quick intro on editing pages

If you are a registered user, and provided you know something that is not presented on this website (or you found a mistake and know how to correct it), then the best way is to just click the "edit" button at the top of the page in question. This will open an editing view of the same page where you can just make the changes and then save it. You can tell the others what you changed by giving a brief description of what you changed in the "Summary" form. Some symbols at the top of the editing field provide simple tools like making text bold, italic or mark terms as internal links, which only makes sense if the exact same term or word is also an article here on this website. More on that in the expert guide. Click "Editing Help" if you want to know more about these buttons and how you edit pages.

Excourse: Special pages

The link to your left that sais Special Pages lists a number of useful pages. (more coming soon)

Expert guide: Page editing

A guide for expert page editors (coming soon)


So what do all these buttons do?

  • a) the little B makes a marked word bold
  • b) the little I makes a marked word italic
  • c) the underlined Ab symbol makes a word into a link inside the database. If an article of the exact same name exists the link turns blue after saving, if not, red and when you click on it you can fill it and thus create that article.
  • d) the globe symbol makes the same thing, but for a normal outside link (url plus name of link)
  • e) the big A inserts a headline you can use to divide your article, as we do with cast and crew, alternate titles, links...
  • f) the little image inserts an image. please enter either the image name of an image that's been uploaded to this website or the url to it
  • g)the same, just media file
  • h) the Vn inserts a mathematical formula (we don't really need this here)
  • i) the stroked out W symbol lets you insert text that might be formatted but you don't want the website's wiki to recognize it as such, for example if you have text with brackets (that otherwise are detected as link markup)
  • j) the signature symbol inserts your personal signature as you have set it in your preferences
  • k) the horizontal line does just that :-) it inserts a horizontal line

The rest

  • l) you have a big white space, there you insert your text, your corrections, additions etc...
  • m) "Summary". if you made changes to an article you can sum up what you changed, this text appears in the recent changes list
  • n) "This is a minor edit". did you only fix spelling? or add one actor to the article or other minor stuff? check that box.
  • o) "watch this page". do you want to keep this article in your personal watchlist after you saved it, then check the box
  • p) "save page" . self explanatory
  • q) "show preview". VERY useful!
  • r) "Cancel" brings you back to the article without any changes saved