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How to find stuff - A guide

  • Basically finding the film you are looking for is very easy. Simply enter a keyword into the search form to your left. Please note that short words like "and" or "ill" will of course not produce adequate search results. Also note that there are hundreds of films with the word "Django" or "dollar" in the title, so better search for the director or combine at least two words from the title. For example "dollars more" will better provide you with the film you were searching (For a Few Dollars more), than just "dollars" which will list at least 50 other films. The difference between "Go" and "Search" is that go is a quick search for an article while search does a broader search and lets you modify your search. Please note that words shorter than 3 characters re ignored if they are not part of an article title. Also avoid common words. At this point, articles are case sensitive
  • The other way is to Browse our website. And then you can just select the categories (for example the year of production or the director or actor) and see if you find what you are looking for. Note that all movies are listed with their original title, there's a page with common titles in the works, though.