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This is a list of frequently asked questions. Many are addressed in our Introduction to Spaghetti Westerns, or in the Help pages. Please feel free to send us more questions.

  • Q: What is a "Spaghetti" Western?
  • Q: What is (not) a Spaghetti Western?
  • Q: What's special about them?
  • Q: Why a SW database?
  • Q: Do they still make those?
  • Q: Are SWs B-movies?
  • Q: How many are there?
  • Q: Can I buy them on DVD?
  • Q: I can't figure out this website, how does it work?
  • Q: What the hell is a "wiki"?
  • Q: What's the "recent changes" for?
  • Q: "Random Page" gives me pages that don't show movies, what's that all about?
  • Q: Why is there a "Go" AND a "Search" button?
  • Q: What's the deal with the Forum and the main page?