Hijo de Jesse James, El

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Solo contro tutti (Spain, Italy 1965 / Director: Antonio del Amo)



  • Runtime: 94 min
  • Release Date: 23.4.1965

Also known as

El hijo de Jesse James (Spain) | Jesse James' Kid (U.S.A.) | One Against All (U.S.A.) | Son of Jesse James (U.S.A.) | Der Sohn von Jesse James (Germany) | Seul contre tous (France) | Le fils de Jesse James (France) | O Filho De Jesse James (Brazil) | Man Alone

Cast and crew

  • Cast (Italian credits): Claudio Undari [as Robert Hundar] (Jesse, Bill James), Mercedes Alonso (Dorothy Power), Adrian Hoven (Allan Davis), Raf Baldassarre [as Ralph Baldwyn] (Bruce, Power foreman), John Bartha (Judge Strator), Roberto Camardiel (Alonzo Almodoros, cook), Luis Induni (Bob Marshall/Bob Ford), José Jaspe (Mike, Marshall henchman), Giuseppe Frisaldi [as Joe Kamel](George, Marshall henchman), Jaime Blanche [as Robert Johnson Jr.] (Ford brother, young Marshall henchman ?)
  • Also with: Tomás Torres (Slim, Bruce's ally), Mike Brendel (Parker, Bruce's ally), Fernando Sánchez Polack (Matt Ford), Hilario Flores (old sheriff), Santiago Rivero (O'Connor, landowner), Agustín Bescos (landowner), Rafael Cortés (landowner), Giovanni Petti (Power cowboy), Román Ariznavarreta (Power cowboy), Todd Martin (Power cowboy), Pier Andrea Caminneci, Adolfo Torrado
  • Screenplay: Antonio del Amo, Pino Passalacqua
  • Cinematography: Fausto Zuccoli [Eastmancolor - Totalscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino


Bill James is still a child when his father, Jesse James, is killed by his cousin Bob. Twenty years later, now with his father's image, his face causes him much trouble, because nobody can forgive him for looking like the man who, for so many years, had been the terror of the whole countryside.


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