Homa vaftike kokkino, To

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This film is set in Thessaly, Greece, at the beginning of the 20th century. It tells its story with Western Films aesthetics.

Το χώμα βάφτηκε κόκκινο/Blood on the Land (Greece 1966 / Director: Vasilis Georgiadis)

  • Runtime: 135 min
  • Release Date: 11th January 1966 (Greece)

Also known as

To homa vaftike kokkino (Greece) | Blood on the Land (USA) | Blutendes Land (Germany) | Terre sanglante (France) | Sangre en la tierra (Spain) | Ziemia we krwi (Poland) | Blood on the Land (international) | The Blood-Red Soil

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Nikos Kourkoulos (Odysseas Hormovas), Mairi Hronopoulou (Irini), Giannis Voglis (Rigas Hormovas), Faidon Georgitsis, Manos Katrakis (Father Hormovas), Notis Peryalis (Marinos Antipas), Vasos Andronidis, Zeta Apostolou, Angelos Antonopoulos (Kotsos), Athinodoros Prousalis, Eleni Kriti, Dimitris Bislanis, Hristoforos Zikas, Costas Balademas, Nikos Pashalidis,
  • Screenplay: Nikos Foskolos
  • Cinematography: Nikos Dimopoulos (black & white)


In the early part of 20th century Greece, large areas of the Thessalian valley are owned by a few wealthy landowners. The farmers who are forced to work like slaves find in Marinos, a well educated young man, their ideal representative. Odysseus, son of one of the big landowners, supports Marinos and conflicts with his father and brother, a conflict with a tragic consequences.


Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1966.


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