Hombre de la diligencia, El

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El hombre de la diligencia (Spain 1964 / Director: José María Elorrieta [as Joe De Lacy])

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern


  • Runtime: 105 min
  • Release Date:10.1.1964

Also known as

La furia degli Apache (Italy) | Apache Fury (U.S.A.) | Überfall auf Fort Yellowstone (West Germany) | Apachin Raivo (Sweden) | Apachernas vrede (Sweden) | La furie des apaches (France) | Furie apache (France) | Cerco de muerte (Spain) | Gerônimo Ordena o Massacre (Brazil) | I epithesi ton Apache (Greek TV title) | I epidromi ton Apache (Greek video title) | Ipo to vlemma ton Apache (Greece) | Fury of the Apaches | Ranch of the Doomed | Doomed Fort

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Frank Latimore (Steve Loman), Nuria Torray [as Liza Moreno / Nancy Torray](Ruth), Jesús Puente [as George Gordon / Joe Punter](Judge Toby Driscoll), Ángel Ortiz [as Sam O'Kelly](Silas, stage driver), Alfonso de la Vega [as Joe Delaney](stage outrider), Frank Braña [as Frankie Bradford](Fuller, Capstan henchman), Rufino Inglés [as Howard Irving](Tucson banker), Mariano Vidal Molina [as Louis Moran / Mark Vidal](Burt Capstan), Guillermo Vera [as William West](Juan Diego), Julio Pérez Tabernero [as Lucius Taft](Jimmy), Guillermo Méndez [as William Masters](cavalry captain), Pastor Serrador [as Gerald Spencer / Pat Slaughter](Richard 'Poker Dick' Logan), George Martin [as Jorge/John Martin](Roscoe, Driscoll bodyguard)
  • Also with: Yvonne Bastien
  • Story: Edaurdo Guzmán [as Edward Goodman]
  • Screenplay: José Maria Ellorrieta, José Luis Navarro
  • Cinematography: Alfonos Nieva [Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Fernando García Morcillo
  • Producer: Tomás Cicuender


A stagecoach held up by Indians stops at a waystation kept by an old enemy of one of the passengers. Their hatred sets off other conflicts and when a friendly Indian is killed, bullets and arrows fly.


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