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I fantasmi di Omah-Ri

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I fantasmi di Omah-Ri (Italy 1976 / Director: Amasi Damiani)

Omah-Ri.PNG Contents:

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  • Runtime: 84 min
  • Release Date: unknown (submitted to the Committee for Film Review in December 1976 as L'unghiata del gigante, the movie was most likely already shot in 1971)

Also known as

L'unghiata del gigante (Italy) | Omah-Ri Ghosts

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Richard Harrison (Fred Burton), Marina Pane, Lucy Bomez, Lorenzo Piani, Galliano Sbarra, Gualtiero Rispoli, Josyane Gibert
  • Written by: Amasi Damiani, Alberto Damiani
  • Cinematography: Giovanni Varriano
  • Filming Locations: Elios Studios


In order to avenge his daughter's honour a wealthy merchant hires Fred Burton to kill two cowboys, one of which joins a group of traveling performers reciting Shakespeare in a semiabandoned town.


In November 2015 the film, never appeared on television, was screened in Rome in the presence of the director Amasi Damiani and film critic Marco Giusti.

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