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Il était une fois dans l'Ouest... de la Corse

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Il était une fois dans l'Ouest... de la Corse (France 2004 / Director: Laurent Simonpoli)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
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Also known As

Once Upon a Time in the West... of Corsica

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Bernard Farcy (Prévot Stetson), Corinne Mattei (Laetitia), François Orsoni (Vendredi), Pido (Preisdent John Red), Tzek (Shériff Léone), Jean-Francoise Perrone, Lionel Tavera, Dominique Degli-Espositi, Jacques Leporati
  • Story: Laurent Simonpoli
  • Screenplay: Laurent Simonpoli
  • Cinematography: Christian Giugliano, Olivier Raffet [color]
  • Music: Pierre Barthélémy
  • Producer: ?


In the west of Corsica a cold and cynical man wants to destroy the straw huts of the peons because they are illegal. President John Red and his men oppose it.

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